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can buy. in their love and laughter, in our hopes for their future lie the true meaning of christmas. so in a spirit of gratitude for what we have been able to achieve together for the last year and looking forward to all that we hope to achieve together in the years ahead, nancy and i want to wish you all the best of holiday seasons. as charles deckens whom i quoted a few moments ago said so well in "a christmas carol" god bless us every one. good night. >> sean: thank you for being with us. merry christmas and happy new years to you and yours. and have a grererererere >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it is saturday, december 22nd. i'm alisyn camerota. he fought to protect our country. john hammar spent the last
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several months in a mexican cell jand to it a bed. >> job has been rotting in that cell since august. >> that retired marine is now safely back on american soil just in time for christmas. we have the new video into our newsroom we will show you. >> and with no deal in place to prevent the looming fiscal cliff, president obama says goodbye dc. aloha, hawaii. >> smart move. >> good call. good swap. is it really time to cool off and drink some eggnog? cool off in hawaii? or is it grudge time? [ laughter ] warm up wheel of fortune may be a misforeign. i would like to solve. >> seven swans aswimming. >> military woman uses it all
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because she forgot to pronounce the g instead of swimmen it's swimming. >> that is ridiculous. >> send us emails and tweets on that one. >> it's have a vanessa williams. enjoy your holidays from "fox & friends." >> that is ridiculously low. >> that must have been a prank. >> we're just chillen. >> everybody drops their g's or a lot of people do. >> they are very specific on those things that and wheel of fortune and jeopardy. have you got to put the word in there, the the in there. you can't just miss those things. >> we start this morning with new meaning for the term home for the holidays. taken on entirely new meaning for one family of that marine veteran you all know about finally released from a mexican prison. >> five months he was stuck on
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this bed, chained to this bed for what carrying heirloom shotgun that didn't work, through security down there in mexico which is forbidden. you can't as a civilian own a gun. of course anyone else in mexico can own a gun. you as a civilian can't have gahanna. they lock him up in prison for five months without any due pro-yes. >> his parents had tried to get him released quietly. they had gone through all the shams they knew of hiring an attorney here, hiring an attorney there trying to beg and plead with the prison and nothing was working until they got the attention of congress and frankly fox news then there started to be movement. let's listen to the congresswoman. >> the parents tried to do it the old fashioned way. john has been rotting in jail since august. the parents did the right thing. they wanted to go through different channels. they hired lawyer after lawyer
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after lawyer. they had prayer services going here in our community. they didn't contact us until just a few weeks ago. as soon as they contacted us constituent service is what i live for. we pounced on this story and thanks to you guys at fox, you were able to save his life. and who knew how this story was going to end up. the parents knew that they were taking a risk but so far their easy manner was not getting them results. so they said we have got nothing to lose. those first days of media attention from fox were really rough for john. because the guards would rap on his cell and say hey gringo, what are you doing? why is the press calling? update this morning he is out now, of course. they had to wait a whole day to get this paperwork. he knows is he being released he has to wait a whole day. his dad flies down there to
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meet with him. they drive 22 hours right now. they are in the middle of this 22 hour cross-country trek for the holidays to get back to florida. >> that's where they were last check brownsville, texas, in a rented car. kudos to everyone here at fox who worked so hard to try to get him released. i know bill o'reilly and greta and sean and the "fox & friends" staff up and down. it's a big win this morning. >> this was obviously the right answer. there was a technique calling cattle he declared the gun crossing border. he he wasn't hiding it he told by the u.s. officers he got thrown in prison with no way out. people talked about the international relations ramifications. they didn't know yesterday if he was going to get 15 years without any possibility of early release or parole from the judge. >> it's unbelievable. i'm glad you bring that point up. the first thing that struck me about the story the past few weeks aren't they an ally.
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isn't mexico supposed to be a close u.s. ally? and yes we obviously respect international law. can't someone at the state department make a phone call to say there is probably a clerical issue here. >> i will tell from you personal experience the police down there is an utter disaster. i have known friends, even relatives who have been locked up down there if for no other reason to get money. stolen watches from people i know who have been arrested down there in mexico. they better clean up their act. imagine mexico without u.s. tourism dollars. hopefully this is the last time -- >> senior frog. >> i was not there but i have heard some terrifying tallies. it's not a laughing matter. it sounds funny. but it is scary. this is a hard core. >> notorious for drug runners. congresswoman is going to be be on "fox & friends" 8:15 this morning. she will tell you where he is now and how the family is
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doing and give us an update. stay tuned for that. >> vacation time for president obama and the first family. could it have come at a worse time? we're 10 days from falling off the fiscal cliff and no deal in sight. >> peter doocy joins us live from washington with the very latest as we see video of the president hopping on board air force one, right? >> that's right, clayton. president obama popped in to the james brady briefing room at the white house yesterday at about 5:30 and basically said that since the american people in november voted for democratic control of the white house and the senate and republican control of the house. lawmakers need to compromise but he also made clear as of right now when it comes to the fiscal cliff and avoiding it, there is no deal. >> so as we leave town for a few days to be with our families for the holidays, i hope it gives everybody some
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perspective. everybody can cool off. everybody can drink some eggnog, have some christmas cookies, sing some christmas carols. enjoy company of loved ones. and then i would ask every member of congress while they're back home to think about that. think about the obligations we have to the people who sent us here. think about the hardship that some americans will endure if congress does nothing at all. >> it was just a few minutes after the president left the podium that the white house announced he, along with the first lady and his daughters would fly to hawaii for vacation, but, before he left town, yesterday morning, the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell said there is the stalemate. since there is a stalemate. it's the commander and chief's job to figure out how to get that compromise that he just said would benefit everyone. >> look, it's the president's
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job. it's his job to find a solution that can pass the congress. he is the only one that can do it. this isn't john boehner's problem to solve. he has done his part. he has bent over backwards. mr. president, how about rallying your party around a solution. how about getting democrats to support something? >> and as of last night at that white house statement, president obama did say there was still time to make a deal between now and the end of the year. but he also made chris tall clear that nothing is going to happen until at least after christmas. back to you. >> alisyn: all right, peter. thanks so much. john boehner is going to have to have some spiked eggnog i think starting today. >> he is in a tough spot. >> he is in a very tough spot. >> especially when you see some of the reports this morning that republicans aren't willing to go on the record for wanting him out of the speakership. >> there is no replacement for john boehner. who is going to take the house
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and bring them together? >> weather. people are concerned about it as they are heading home for the holidays. the storm system that pounded the midwest leaving a mess on the roads and arnts. tons of planes cancelled as well now heading east. right for us. ohio. pennsylvania. upstate, new york. about to get blasted with snow and powerful winds just days before christmas. for the very latest on what to expect and how it can impact your holiday travel. let's check in with the man who knows rick reichmuth. >> i hate to say that most of the rain moved through yesterday morning. >> why do you hate to say this. >> because we are wrong. >> i know you read that. [sigh] >> four more hours won't be the first time. >> true. >> so we're cool traveling today, right? >> it's really not a bad day. the worst of it was on thursday. so we're two days past that we have had a day to settle down and a lot of those flights to catch up. we have wind across the northeast. lake-effect snow is not uncommon this time of year. the rest of the weekend is
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looking pretty good. not even monday. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday different story it did bring colder air. in 10 degrees right now as you are waking up in minneapolis. the winds are going to continue to move across the lakes. that will continue to bring lake-effect snow. areas downstream of lake erie and lake ontario. blizzard warnings across the highest elevations of the central appalachians. some areas maybe 3 to 6 inches of snow. for the most part. this just now the wind moving across the lakes behind the storm. causing the lake-effect snow. this is just that typical thing that you get here. a lot of places haven't had significant snow here. everything looking fine until you go to the far west coast. central california and up towards parts of oregon. a lot of rain and a lot of snow. maybe 2 to 4 feet of snow flurry by the time this is done. two more storms coming in here. one of those storms, the second one will be a weather maker tuesday, wednesday,
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thursday across the plains and not northwest. getting home for christmas this weekend you are looking pretty good. getting back to your original home after christmas might be a different story we will be talking about. guys? >> all right. now, post christmas might be -- >> -- post christmas might be a problem. that's what you are referring to, i'm sure. >> we're going to get a rewrite for the 7:00 hour. >> we're not going to use old weather. we're going it use new weather for the next hour. >> let's get to your evidence lines and tell you what else is happening. today, three more victims of the sandy hook massacre will be laid to rest. emily parker. josephine gay and anna martez green. this as the entire country paused for silence for the 20 children and six adults killed. at the funeral of 6-year-old dillon oakley a special balloon tribute from his older brother. [bagpipes] >> the bagpipes get you every
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time. >> could take out months to figure out exactly why the shooter went on that deadly rampage in the first place. an emotional memorial in washington celebrating the life and public service of senator daniel inouye ♪ >> political leaders gathered to remember the long-time senator from hawaii inouye was honored for his military service for world war ii and for his integrity in office. president obama says it was he who inspired him to run for office. >> the way he commanded the respect of an entire nation. i think it hinted to me what might be possible in my own life. >> danny's power and influence ultimately lay in his character. >> inouye died this week at the age of 88 due to respiratory problems.
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services are also planned for hawaii that the president will attend. member of armed forces given grinch service by the popular wheel of fortune watch this. >> i would like to solve, seven swans aswim swimin'. >> you know what happened there. >> no i thought she said that. >> easy to do did it in the vernacular and left off the g in seven swans aswimin'. >> that is awful. contestant renee told she incorrectly guessed the puzzle seven swans aswimin'. >> i could hear the g. next emphasized the g swimming she was award the prize puzzle. like a gadd sport she did not protest she just nodded along
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to pat sayjack's awful explanation. >> that is awful. ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics,
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>> welcome back. one week after the new town tragedy the national rifle association broke its silence with this proposal. >> five years ago. after the veag tech tragedy when i said we should put armed security in every school
3:18 am
the media called me crazy. but what if what if when adam lanza started shooting his way into sandy hook elementary school last friday he had been confronted by qualified armed security? >> some are still, in fact, calling him crazy. is arming security guards and teachers like we do airline pilots the answer? let's ask robert mcclain a former air marshall. good morning to you, sir. is this the answer having an armed security guard at every school in the united states? >> good morning. first of all, my heart pours out to all the victims. i have got little girls in third and fourth grade.
3:19 am
it's partially correct and partially wrong. it looks like the nra's proposal is a lot like exactly what happened after 9/11. immediately though grabbed any federal agent they could to throw them on the planes and later on they put together a really poorly implemented program to arm pilots. and not very many volunteered for the program. i can see the reality. look. he is right in some regard. if someone shows up at a school and there is an armed principal and armed guard clearly that is not going to happen it's unseasonable for starters. it is impractical. let alone the safety implications that come out of all of this. did it work in the skies though? >> well, could argue that it is working because there
3:20 am
hasn't been an incident but it looks like every time an american aircraft that gets hijacked there hasn't been any air marshals or both planes that have in iad's on board most of them didn't have armed marshals on them and i don't think there were any armed pilots on them either. so, the air marshall program alone is a billion-dollar program. and the armed pilots program is a lot of the pilots believe it's a real difficult. there is too much to qualify for. they have to go on their own time. so, just a few amount of them want to. from the very beginning i was calling for putting a weapon on every aircraft and that way every aircraft is protected
3:21 am
you could consider a modified shotgun. a similar situation can happen in every school. nobody is going to be able to afford to hire police or for every aircraft. >> it is certainly interesting. robert mcclain former air marshall. thanks for being with us this morning. believe it or not, doctors make mistakes too like operating on the wrong patient or leaving instruments behind. and it's happenings more than you might think. how to make sure it doesn't happen to you next. then it's the most outrageous video you will see all day. if if not the wheel of fortune stuff. a baby in a run away stroller headed straight for a busy street. don't go away. check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my motr was so wrong about you. next, we get priory boarding on our flight i booked with miles.
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to the number 1 club in the world. the potential of manchester united unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential.
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>> welcome back, an alarming new study in from johns hopkins university finds more than 4,000 medical errors occurring in the operating room each year. things like surgeons sewing up a medical instrument inside of them. operating on the wrong patient. >> how can you make sure you don't fall victim to one of these mistakes. >> joining us is professor at william beaumont school of medicine. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> there are 4,000 manages stakes surgical mistakes a year. are we really talking about a medical instrument being left inside someone or the wrong body part being operated on or are those just sort of one in a million? >> >> well, unfortunately as a surgeon, i have heard stories about this happening even in hospitals that i have worked at in the past. this is real. people do unfortunately operate on the wrong body
3:26 am
parts. this doesn't happen every day in most hospitals but it is a problem. >> we have some of the numbers and statistics. foreign objects left behind. 49.8% admit that they have done that they have left a foreign object inside. 25% have done the wrong procedure. they go in and operate on alisyn and they end up working on her knee instead of her elbow. they go to the wrong site all together and operate on the wrong patient entirely. how does this happen? >> well, doctors and nurses are people, too. so, doctors, nurses, make mistakes. what i find is when i have heard of these rare instances occurring usually it's from doctors in a hurry, nurses in a hurry. they are stressed and want to get things going. definitely. to make sure the doctor takes their time. >> yous a the patient should do research on your doctor. how do you do that? >> well, there is a couple of things can you do. number one, go to your state medical board. can you see if your doctor's
3:27 am
license has been suspended. if it's been on probation or god forbid it's been revoked. that's one way to look at it if your doctor has had his or her license revoked that could be a problem. go to your county courts. they will have records how many times your doctor has been sued. in this society most doctors have been sued once maybe few times. that's not a terrible thing. if your doctor has been sued, 15, 20, 30 times that's not a good sign. >> make sure your doctor places x mark on body part that they are actually going to be doing the surgery on. that seems important. >> especially that's to prevent wrong site surgery. having car tall tunnel done on the wrong hand. god forbid having the wrong breast taken off for mastectomy. very important a democrat tore takes a sharp i can't understand puts an x on the spot. >> you have to be awake while that's happening so you can be conscious of which exmpleted he is marking or she where. last you say read your operative consent form carefully. we all get those. you know you have to sign it.
3:28 am
you are a few minutes away from surgery. what might you find in there. >> you want to inspect it very carefully and do not sign it finance f. it's not exactly the procedure you are having done on the right body part. the correct body part. when it says left or right. make sure it's completely accurate because that's what they're going to most likely do for you. >> dr. anthony, we appreciate those tips that could save somebody a massive headache. thank you. >> hopefully. >> thank you. >> some democrats actually want to go over the fiscal cliff. one of them this guy. >> and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house! yay! >> howard dean's controversial proposal when we come back. >> that wasn't it. then, a u.p.s. driver does his last minute christmas shopping on a customer's front porch. >> that's a great place to do it. >> it is handy. >> why didn't we think of that. >> we have got this video he to show you.
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>> the myans were wrong. the doomsday believers are wrong. these people are mortified. how do you cheer these people up you can't say bob, it's not the end of the world. [ laughter ] >> that didn't happen. >> that was supposed to end yesterday, right? >> yeah. >> here we are. >> good thing we are here. >> wow! >> wake up. the world did not end. >> how many children will be born in nine months. >> storm babies. hey, we had a hurricane irene baby. is that tmi? at least we're not live on television right now. welcome back to "fox & friends" this morning. >> let's talk about the fiscal cliff. of course, it has all of washington and the country on tender hooks. there is always a theory that some people would actually want us to go over the fiscal cliff some democrats because
3:33 am
they would finally get the defense cuts that they have been clamoring for and it would actually serve their purposes. i dismiss that. >> to be fair, we have even had some republicans who have said that that they want. members of the tea party don't want to have anything to do with -- they want us to go into default. they want us to face these problems. howard dean on the democratic side saying, look, if we don't do it, we have got this other plan and he talks about the fiscal cliff to what alisyn was just saying. listen. >> as you know, i believe the country would be better off if would get another revenueiff. to be serious about balancing the budget and get defense cuts which the congress will never vote for otherwise. we will get some human services cuts which i don't like but we are in a deep hole and everybody is going to have to put somethinged in something. the truth the belief that millionaires or people who make more than $250,000, you tax them more that's going to solve the deficit problem that's just not so. i think it would be better for the country if we go over the fiscal cliff. and i'm not sorry this has
3:34 am
failed. i do not think this has helped john boehner's speakership. >> that quote right there certainly didn't help the president's stance either. if you tax all the people that make more than 250 k that is the solution. >> the cbo didn't help him either with those numbers because $250,000 tax the cbo has said wouldn't solve the problem. >> this barely makes a dent. >> you have to cut spending obviously and that's what we think that howard dean was alluding to. meanwhile, charles krauthammer had an interesting theory on "special report" last night in which he also tried to figure out what the president's ultimate strategy is and what game the president is playing. i had not heard this theory before. let's listen to charles krauthammer. >> if he was only interested in the budget, in the fiscally balancing it, he would have said i don't care how you get the money. can you can do it through exceptions and deductions. he insisted on rates not because it was economic issue because it was you would have the house divided. call each other chuckle heads
3:35 am
and speaker not deposed is extremely weakened. this sets him up for the two years, the four years in which he can have his way over republicans who are right now in a civil war in the house. >> i mean, if that's the plan that it's working, because as charles mentioned chuckle head you have members of the g.o.p. calling other members of the g.o.p. chuckle heads, the 40 or 50 tea party members for not doing anything so there is a civil war. >> the idea that the president was trying to foment civil war in the g.o.p. maybe that's what happened. i don't know if he was a diabolical genius and know that he is creating that. >> the president knew if he does nothing that it's on them, the house controls the purse strings and if he does nothing, these things are going to go into place anyway. >> i have always disagreed with the notion that the country will blame republicans. they might in the short-term in the six to eight months to follow but your legacy will be one of two recessions in both terms, mr. president. so, yeah. go ahead and say they will blame republicans. it's going to be on your presidency.
3:36 am
back in recession. >> send us your comments on all of this, please. we have to tell you what's happening in terms of all of the extreme weather. it's pummeled the midwest. blizzard warnings in the east. at least we think so. we better check in on rick reichmuth who sometimes shoots down our intros. how is the holidays looking, rick? >> i'm sorry. yes. across a very central spine of the appalachian, central appalachians it's going to be windy with maybe 4 to 6 inches of snow. >> one person's house. >> there is a number of houses there. but, there are blizzard warnings right there in the highest elevations. not really many people live in that spot. but there is a road. skyline drive that goes across it out west, however, big storms coming in shore again. again, a lot of rain and a lot of snow. this is going to be with us for the next couple of days it will impacts eventually. take a look at the futurecast. this is what it is going to look like future radar. we are going to see maybe eventually total of 4 to
3:37 am
6 feet of snow across the syria nevadas. more snow. next storm moving in by tomorrow afternoon. this storm eventually is going to move out across parts of the plains. take a look at this. this right here is the cold air that's going to be in place monday morning, christmas eve morning. that starts to dive down in towards parts of the southern plains by tuesday. so christmas day, this is precipitation where that blue is. that's potentially snow across places like oklahoma and arkansas. a snow storm christmas day on -- oklahoma and arkansas. by wednesday, this pulls out off towards the northeast, and then we're potentially talking about a december 26th people out shopping. people trying to get back home. and we're looking at possibly a big snow storm across parts of the ohio valley. eventually in towards the northeast. weather it is snow across the coast or rain on the coast, little bit too early to say. but it's possibly right now looking like big snow across interior sections. parts of pennsylvania, upstate new york. and that could have some very big travel impacts then. travel now for the next couple
3:38 am
of days really looking pretty good for everybody. temperaturewise today, still cooler day across parts of the northern plains and in towards the northeast. it's going to feel colder because it's going to be breezy along with those colder temperatures and tomorrow temps also starting to cool down in towards the northern plains. overall travel the next couple days guys, looking pretty good. >> to be clear, a massive blizzard is going to stall travel next few days? is that what you are trying to tell us? [ laughter ] thanks, rick. >> you bet. >> let's get to the rest of your headlines and tell you what else is happening. we sadly have another shooting to tell you about this time in pennsylvania where a man went on a shooting rampage in a town killing three people. the suspect killed a woman as she was decorating a church for a christmas program. shot and killed two men a father and son-in-law. one of the victims about to go christmas shopping with his wife. >> he started shooting at the truck. here her husband was in the garage and the guy came running down the driveway. he shot my cousin right in
3:39 am
front of her. >> as the gunman tried to escape he got into a shootout with police and was killed. three officers were injured in the shootout about are expected to be okay. police are trying to determine a motive for those shootings. an american doctor rescued -- dr. joseph was kidnapped by the taliban earlier this month and he was rescued by seal team 6. the petty officer first class nicholas sheriff was killed duringhe mission. now back in the u.s. joseph posted a statement online praising him saying quote my heart goes out to the feavment fallen hero for his service, commitment and courage. he will remain a legacy for me and my family for generations to come. a uption man busted on camera stealing a family's christmas gift. let's take a look at this. the gift is an ipad mini, clayton. it was dropped off by fedex. a little later, u.p.s. man drops off another package and appears to leave but he returns a few minutes later and grabs the ipad hundred any.
3:40 am
>> it was a swap. >> it was a christmas swap. the family tracked the package online. when it didn't arrive they checked their video and called u.p.s. the employee was fired by the way. and arrested for theft. >> the key is to go to houses that don't have a camera set up. >> u.p.s. replaced the stolen ipad i'm happy to report. >> that's how i got mine. do you have ipad mini. imagine driving down the street and seeing this young child rolling away in a shopping cart headed straight into traffic. a police officer in wisconsin saw this all unfolding, threw on hills emergency lights and took off after it. >> my immediate reaction was he was traveling fast and so i knew there wasn't an option to stop the cart but i had to do something to try to stop traffic because it was heading directly towards a busy highway. >> good thinking, officer. the cart rolled away while the boy's mother was putting her other child in the car. that is always a challenge by the way. amazingly he walked away without any injuries. i did always have a problem
3:41 am
shopping. you are fastening the seat belt of one child and the other is in the parking lot. >> you probably weren't near a big hill. i'm just going -- just a hunch. >> that never happened to me i will admit, thank goodness. fair enough. >> a little sports talk now. first it was syracuse coach now louisville coach speaking up sandy hook shooting. >> the fact that every single person does not want it would be a mystery. i mean, this is not the beginning of american civilization where we need guns because it's the wild, wild west. we are not talking about a hunting license there should not be guns in our society. we all know that and politicians know that can i tell you one thing against politicians. this is not the era of tipp o'neal and ronald reagan. >> he is saying this is not the era of tipp o'neal and
3:42 am
ronald reagan. similar comments. pitino added that politicians should all be voted out of office if they don't do what's best for american people. they are making excuses. hardwood now. knicks may be one of the hottest teams in the league but they got a little too hot against chicago. the knicks' frustrations on the court getting the best of him. first carmelo anthony picking up second technical in the fourth. that's an automatic ejection. mike woodson losing his cool. he gets the boot. we're not done yet. center tyson chandler gets tangled one joakim noah and both of them get tossed. four ejections in all. bulls win for the second time this year over the knicks. 110-106. >> was there anyone left on the court? >> it's the holidays, people. >> simmer down. >> simmer down. >> be happy and have some
3:43 am
eggnog. >> thank you, dave. coming up on the show. are you one of those people who wants to keep your christmas tree up all year? dave has some christmas lights up from last year. >> it's easier that way. >> is it normal or not. dr. ablow answering emails when we come back. >> are are you ready for genetically modified food at neighborhood grocery store? delicious. some of it just got the government stamp of approval. look, if you have copd like me,
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it's charming. what's so wrong with keeping the kid alive inside of you. in fact, it's probably going to be the case that if you do go down there at 11:00 p.m. the minute you reach for your pill bottle, santa is going to slide down the chimney. if this is a dream, it's a great dream. so take your blood pressure medicine upstairs, have it by the bedside and stay a kid as long as you can. my friend. i i like your nostalgia take
3:48 am
on it from the minute i put up my christmas tree i start getting sad about taking it down. it's one of those artificial ones from a catalog. would it be crazy to leave it up all year long? i live in a small two bedroom apartment so it would take up a lot of space. >> yeah, that would be crazy. why is christmas special? it does come but once a year. that's part of the magic of christmas. so what would happen if the christmas tree is up all year long what do you take take a couple of your favorite ornaments hang them off the coffee machine. that will keep your dream alive. it would be crazy to keep that tree up there all year long. people are going to come in and think there is something wrong with you. they are going to call my office and say can i get a consult for my friend take it down. >> i hope my co-host is
3:49 am
listening imaws he has christmas lights up from last year. >> dave is not the example of normality. >> my older brother has a habit of taken the ones that he made and moving them to the front of the tree shifting mine towards the wall. i have let him do this 35 years or so. we are in my 40s. is it crazy to tell him to stop it now? it's not crazy. what's unusual is that you have waited all these years to tell him. it is christmas so keep it light hearted. say look, there is going to be an extra gift from you under the tree if you stop this craziness with putting your ornaments at the front and mine at the side or the back near the wall. and then just say listen, i'm so glad you are my brother but we have got to keep the ornament thing fair dr. keith
3:50 am
ablow merry christmas. >> not from me, doc. what's the deal? >> thanks, doc. how do you say merry christmas to a bunch of bailed out auto workers? how about with a big fat bonus check? that's coming up. then, got a long ride to grandma's house? how do you keep those rowdy kids occupied? great question. our next guest says these toys are a parent's dream come true for a long car ride. tune in for this next. ♪ with candy canes and silver aglow. it's beginning to look like a lot like christmas.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
>> 6:a 3 eastern. quick headlines now. call it franken fish. the f.d.a. says this genetically modified salmon is safe to eat. the aqua advantage fish reportedly grows twice as fast due to added growth hormones. it could add on land on your kitchen table. ashton kutcher everywhere officially files for divorce from demi moore citing irreconcilable differences. alli? >> all right, dave. you know this well. 93 million americans will travel 50 miles or more this holiday season. if you have kids, that could be a nightmare. here with the right choice to keep your trip tantrum free is
3:55 am
melissa chatman. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> you are going to start keep their minds occupied where do we start. >> 0 to 9 months is perfect. a p.b. a, pbc free pacifier. attached to cute stuffed animal. it falls you can find it keeps their hands nice and busy. >> pacifiers are key, everyone. you must have them everywhere. for slightly older what do you suggest. >> everyone wants their teddy bear with elm. this this teddy bear comes you can attach it to the bag and you see the velcro straps and it comes off. hold it and like 2 in one. great also if you are on a plane. you can use it as pillow and as teddy blanket. >> great suggestion. pack the backpack themselves with whatever crayon. >> big one here. >> what's this? >> this is for between teen that does not want to get rid are of their hand held guys. this is way to integrate board
3:56 am
game with the hand held device and over here you can use iphone or ipad or an ipod. i have an ipad over here. and it's a board game and it's a great way to get the grandparents involved. the parents -- >> it's a combo board game ipad, iphone. >> perfect marriage of both. >> it is a new world. these are great for long rides. >> any time you have a crafty kid but don't want to have a mess on the plane. bendable, yarn, nontoxic wax on top of them. my daughter made this really cute flour there. >> adorable. >> make anything you want. comes with a board that you can make scenes on it different characters you can make. really the ultimate arts and crafts for the trip. >> wiki sticks. >> obviously very inexpensive. >> what do you have here. >> busy travel kit. lunch box that you can use afterwards filled with 20 hand picked items just for your kids. everything. silly putty, crayons, puzzles.
3:57 am
anything you could think of it's got in this kit. you can take this to a restaurant even. >> oh my gosh. >> a slinky. i would keep this in my car for trips just down to like the store. >> this is a magic box of tricks. >> magic adventure becomes. >> it really is crayons are always great on the plane. >> oh my god. also, if you are going on a plane, tell them and they will replace the silly putty with something else. >> terrific. this is a very cool mind game. >> this is basically like you can play solitaire or you can play it with your grandparents and your parents. great way to puzzles. you connect the circles. it's hard to do. one last thing the happy santa. >> that's it. you don't have time. >> put your web site on ours. thanks so much. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. great suggestions. >> thank you. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards
3:58 am
on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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4:00 am
[ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so i introduced jill to crest pro-health for life. selected for people over 50. pro-health for life is a toothpaste that defends against tender, inflamed gums, sensitivity and weak enamel. conditions people over 50 experience. crest pro-health for life. so jill can keep living the good life. crest. life opens up when you do. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone, it's saturday, december 22nd. i'm alisyn camerota. john hammar spent the last several months chained to it a
4:01 am
bed in a mexican jail. we have good news for you this morning. that retired marine now safely back on american soil just in time for christmas. we will tell you the story. >> we saw protesters steal the stage during yesterday's nra press conference but they weren't alone in their opposition. the media may have been on their side all along. we'll explain. >> in a story everyone is going to be talking about today the wheel of misfortune for one military veteran. >> i would like to solve. >> yeah. >> seven swans aswimmin'. >> that's not going to work. you know why? she forgot the g on swimming. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> this is judge napolitano wishing you a merry christmas and happy new year from "fox & friends." >> what a terrible wheel of fortune story. she should have just had her say it again. that one didn't work.
4:02 am
try it one more time. >> you think she would still have said oh we're going swimmin''. >> pat say jack is new to this business. >> it's not him calling the shots. i love there is a judge's table at the wheel of fortune. >> thankfully we don't have one of those. >> well -- [ laughter ] [ buzzer ] >> we have a buzzer. >> big top story of the morning what has happened to john hammar he of course the retired marine who was for the past several months since august trapped really in this notorious mexican jail that was filled with drug lords, drug running cartels. his life was threatened. and, you know, he had tried -- his family had tried every single avenue to get him out. it wasn't until they got the attention of congress and frankly fox news that finally he was released. we're happy to report yesterday. >> he was released and some back story on, this of course, was that he was carrying an heirloom gun it was an older
4:03 am
shotgun that he had checked at security. >> like an antique. >> yeah. it was antique heirloom gun. it was not loaded. and he was taking it through he had written on the u.s. side that he had documentation of this weapon. but in mexico no civilian is allowed to own weapons unless you register and buy them through the department of state i believe in mexico. so he has this gun. he gets arrested and that's how he wound up behind bars for five months. >> so how he wound up home for the holidays is a great story. one that they finally gave up going through the proper channels trying to deal with the mexican authorities. mexican government. the family finally turned to congress. and to fox news and people like bill o'reilly and this program and greta and sean and now he is in brownsville, texas with his dad in a rental car going home for the holidays. >> the congresswoman was on o'reilly last night and talked about this ordeal. >> the parents tried to do it
4:04 am
the old fashioned buy. john has been rotting in that jail since august and the parents did the right thing. they wanted to go through different channels. they hired lawyer after lawyer after lawyer. they had prayer services going here in our community. and they didn't contact us until just a few weeks ago. as soon as they contacted us, boy, constituent service is what i live for. and we pounced on this story and thanks to you guys at fox, you were able to save his life. and who knew how this story was going to end up. the parents knew that they were taking a risk but so far their easy manner was not getting them results. so they said we have got nothing to lose. and those first days of media attention from fox were really rough for john because the guards would rap on his cell and say hey gringo what are you doing? why is the press calling? >> as you probably know, bill o'reilly had begun to call for a boycott. a -- americans to boycott
4:05 am
products and travel and tourism to mexico. and then he was released yesterday. i mean, you know, who knows if it was connected. >> it certainly was. >> the pressure was getting more intense on the mexican government who had frankly done nothing for all of these five months. and then suddenly yesterday, a judge did release him. >> hammar's mom was also on laura ingraham last night and talked about how thankful she was to fox news and how she did not want them driving in a rental car back home. she wanted them on a plane home as soon as possible. but a good ending there. >> we will have the congresswoman on the show coming up at 8:15 to talk more about that, update us on that. meanwhile another story that everyone is talking about, of course, is gun control in this country. i think it's a debate. if you look across facebook and twitter. everyone has an opinion on it. and everyone has shades of different feelings about it. of course. yesterday though was the big speech with wayne lap peer who is the executive vice president of the national rifle association at that big press conference. they had waited a week.
4:06 am
a lot of people felt like this was a measured response. they were taking a week to gather their thoughts about what they were going to say. and then they came out at this press conference and what ended up unfolding and what stole the spotlight about five or six minutes into the press conference were some code pink protesters that held up signs saying you have got blood on your hands at the nra. we need gun control you are killing our kids and of course stole some of the spotlight. he didn't respond, didn't say anything about it he continued on with his script. >> of course, if you didn't see the press conference, perhaps the biggest headline out of it was wane lapeer suggesting armed security at every school in the united states. which has been fairly heavily criticized. argument by both sides i think in the last 24 hours. >> i don't know what people were expecting from this press conference. but it was not what they got. it was a surprising press conference because people thought -- i don't know why they thought this that the nra was going to take some sort of
4:07 am
conciliatory tone. perhaps make some sort of announcement where they were going. >> some sort of concession. some sort of sensible reform. >> assault weapons. specifically. >> sure or ammunition. obviously people have talked about the particularly deadly nature of the ammunition that explodes, you know, upon impact. so they thought that the nra was going to announce some thing, some new policy, some new change. in fact, he didn't and said it is their position that all guards should be armed in schools. he said a lot of thought provoking things and we can have a conversation about that particularly. why do we have armed guards at malls? why do we have them in airports? why do we have them in places without children? if children are our most precious resource, why is that the one place where we can't have an armed guard? >> then you had interesting interview with the special forces officer who was in afghanistan who came -- when he heard the nra's response said that is absurd. this notion that you can put the individual armed people in schools all across -- he said
4:08 am
we practice night and day to be able to shoot effectively. this is a blood bath. this isn't a gun range at a school when people are screaming and running around. people are going to get killed and they are going to get killed all over the place. we train night and day to be able to shoot effectively. >> yes it would be helpful to have statistics to know if a sole armed guard in a mass shooting in the history of sadly our tragic history with this if it has helped if it's helped in the majority of times. obviously school armed guard. i have to defend lapeer on that. i think he is 100 pertinent on in terms of a deterrent. the most difficult situation is the cost. >> a to $6 billion it's estimated. 100,000 schools. pay each of these individuals. >> lapierre. >> $50,000 a year. you brought up people being disappointed. police commissioner ray kelly
4:09 am
who deals with time and gun violence was really disappointed in the press conference. he said he wanted the nra to come out. you have a week to think about what you are going to say. that was the criticism from conservatives on this. had you a week to think about what you were going to say and this is what you ended up saying? police commissioner ray kelly thought there would be some commence of assault rifles. the type of rifles used on the battlefield in afghanistan have no place on american soil. >> that's many people's theory. that's obviously not the nra's theory. we invite you to share your thoughts with us. >> some of the criticism from some of the members of the nra were not happy with his comments either because some other members of the nra feel the way that commissioner ray kelly feels about this. >> people have strong feelings about it along the spectrum. it's time to van adult conversation about that we look forward to hearing your comments. meanwhile, get to your headlines, a final farewell to three more victims of the sandy hook massacre. anna parker, josephine gay and
4:10 am
ana marquez greene. and at the funeral of a 6-year-old boy dilly hopely, a special balloon tribute from his older brother. [bagpipes] meanwhile, investigators say it could take months to figure out exactly why the shooter went on the deadly rampage in the first place if we ever can get that answer. with the fiscal cliff still looming large, president obama and his family headed to hawaii. the first family boarded air force one last night and are expected to land in the president's home state this morning. before he left, the president had this to say. >> as we leave town for a few days to be with our families for the holidays, i hope it gives everybody some perspective. i hope that every member of congress is thinking about that nobody can get 100% of what they want.
4:11 am
>> the white house says the president will return next week. check out this dramatic ice rescue in the utah. a baby dear saved from the middle of a frozen reservoir. somehow the dear walked out on the ice but it was too slippery for the dear to make it back. yikes. wildlife officers came to the rescue. the ice was only 2 inches thick. reach the deer and pull it back to land. the deer was tired and sore but should be okay. >> here's a question. how do you know the deer is sore? >> good question. >> oh dear. >> tenderness in an animal. >> rick, i'm sure you know the answer to that. >> thinking the exact same thing. >> how do you know is he tired? >> i guess it's obvious but how do you know? >> i would think if the animal were asleep. >> he went right to sleep. >> hot milk. here is are your temps as you
4:12 am
are waking up. breezy out there. so in fact atlanta, 31. the wind chill is 18. it will be another cold one tonight. be prepared for that then we start a warming trend for the eastern parts of toledo. if you are looking for snow white christmas. rough estimate of where the snow son t ground right now. until christmas day for a few places. winter storm warnings in effect. talking about blizzard warnings. those are right there. that little bit of red that you see across parts of the spine of the appalachians. we will see lake-effect snow across lake erie and ontario. part of that system that moved through. now the upper level disturbance brought a lot of colder windier air moving across the great lakes and that causes lake-effect snow until that freezes over which has not happened yet. a series of storms basically two more strong storms moving into central and northern
4:13 am
california and parts of oregon. going to mean a lot more rain and snow across the higher elevations. things are looking pretty good. travel wise today, tomorrow even monday you are find. things start to change and wednesday and thursday here your high temperatures for the day today. not that bad. cooler across the north. not as bad as it could be this time of year. all right, guys. >> thanks so much. >> coming up on the show, one person we haven't heard from in the benghazi hearings hillary clinton our own catherine herridge has more information on this. a possible smoking gun. she is going to join us next. >> agencies going after steve jobs? we'll explain coming up. for those with visions of doing this...
4:14 am
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stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. warning cables may have reached secretary of state hillary clinton's office. >> here with the details of this fox news exclusive is chief intention correspondent catherine herridge. good morning to you, catherine. >> good morning. >> the big question is obviously we haven't heard from hillary clinton recovering from that that
4:17 am
concussion she suffered. what did hillary clinton's office know and when did they know it? do we know that now. >> one thing clear from four hours of hearings on capitol hill this week still this level of dissatisfaction with the accountability after this report. three people have been disciplined and only one who was has resigned. that bass the head of diplomatic security. these are all senior managers here is mike rogers. >> they did two things. they blamed the ambassador who is no longer with us. they said he made a lot of mistakes. big bureaucracy made a lot of mistakes. we don't find anyone that we should name to be held accountable. i just don't think that's right. >> one of the big take aways from the hearings this week were these classified cables. lawmakers wanted to know how many of these classified cables reached the seventh floor. this is the executive floor within the state department where you find hillary clinton's office. at least one of those cables was first reviewed by fox news and it talks about this emergency meeting back in
4:18 am
august where they convened, outline the top security people in benghazi and the cia and they warned her office in washington that they could not defend against a coordinated attack. we have got a quote interest that right here. the regional security officer expressed concerns with the ability to defend posts, that is a consulate in benghazi in the event of a coordinated attack. it goes on to say that the group was briefed on the location of a 10 islamist militias within benghazi. so the bottom line it for you. had you a cable in office. less than a month before the attack that in effect predicted the way the ambassador would die a month later. it said we can't defend against a coordinated attack. the islamist groups in al qaeda are everywhere. we need extra help. what happened in those final three and a half weeks is that there was no additional security in effect. the security was further drawn down in benghazi. >> it's interesting, catherine. have you so many who have criticized hillary for not
4:19 am
speaking in these meetings about all of this including alan west who says she has benghazi flu. in actuality, do you think by the time she does testify it's only going to get more difficult for her because that much more will be known than was several weeks ago if she had testified say a month ago. >> one of the things coming out of the hearings. very specific warning that went to the seventh floor of the state department. and whether, in effect, these warnings were read by the secretary or her closest deputies. and then they were cable about the emergency meeting. our regional security officer, this is like the top security person on the ground for the state department said it me that these emergency meeting are like sending up a red flare from the field. that is something that gets the attention of the seventh floor. so to think that an emergency meeting happened, and then it was read and nothing was done by the seventh floor, i just point to what congressman rogers said about a week ago. he believes there was gross
4:20 am
negligence on the ground in benghazi and also on behalf of the management here at the state department. and hillary clinton will now answer these questions. and to her credit, she made this entire report available to the public and that is not stipulated under the regulations. >> catherine herridge as always doing great reporting. our fox news chief intelligence correspondent. thanks, catherine. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you, catherine. it may get even more difficult for her to testify now that more is known. >> and if more comes out and this ends up being systemic as well. >> how do you say merry christmas to a bunch of bailed out auto workers? how about with big fat bonus checks? >> have you ever been to a web site with a like button? you are probably being tracked. even if you didn't click on it how to maintain your privacy and keep your identity safe. i don't know any web sites ha have a like button. never even seen that before. [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose,
4:21 am
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>> woke back, time for news by the numbers. first up $7,000. that's how much bailed out g.m. workers can expect' in bonuses this year. bonusesbonuses in ford reportedy topping out at $8,000. $4 million that's how much the late steve jobs estate still owes for this custom made $4 million super sized yacht seized in the netherlands while his estate and designers work things out o. it unfinished at the time of
4:25 am
his death. models will be doning the holiday sweaters in the world here is one i have and will be wearing. this is fantastic. thanks so much for providing this for me. you won't see anywhere else they are wearing at a fashion show coming up fashion show. headed over to alisyn, i know what i'm getting you for christmas. one of them was edible, i remember. did you know that web sites are tracking what you do and passing along information like your name, email address even your user name to other vendors was how you can stop them from doing that privacy security expert and editor of good to see you. >> good morning. >> they did a study and looked at the top 1,000 web sites and they found that 75% of them now use code from social networks like facebook or twitter. what's wrong with that? >> well, you know, to date myself with a lyric from the '80s, every step you take,
4:26 am
every click you make, they are watching you. we are constantly being monitored as we surf around on these different web sites. >> what we said what ends up happening is they pass along some information that you don't know that they are passing along such as your real name. your email address. even your user name that you are using, which is obviously can be different than your real name. again, what's the danger of that? >> you know, the danger now is with sites like facebook and going and twitter that we're constantly logged into. it's not just that we are being tracked it's that it's being tied to our specific identity. it's lick the map in harry potter. not just dots on the web anymore. we are now being identified by name as we surf. that's all being tracked and aggregated on us. >> alisyn: i read that you said that one of the problems is that let's say that facebook knows that we have done some research on diabetes, say. well then they might sell that
4:27 am
information to, i don't know, an insurance company or something and then when you go for a quote they already know that you have this interest or us is acceptability and they give you a higher quote? >> exactly. they have bought the information from the previous web sites that you have been to. and they know that you're potentially high risk. it may have been your daughter doing a research project for a school project but if you typed in diabetes, they think this is a high rate person, rates go up. >> interesting. the first step is enable private browsing. what does that mean? >> inside of your browser you have got a couple settings including private browsing that don't leave all of these little traces as you surf through. they are not stored on your machine. and you go into these sites a little bit more private than just being wide open. >> you say turn on do not track. where do you turn that on? >> yeah. do not track is almost always in every browser in your preferences. what that does is sends a
4:28 am
message out to the web site. listen, i don't want to be tracked. not all web sites follow it yesterday but as people get more privacy literate they will begin to. >> you say number three, clear out your cookies, i do from my kitchen. what do you mean with your computer? >> on your computer, these little bits that are tracked are stored in a place called your cookies, which means next time you return to the site, they know everything about you when you come back. you can hit a button in your browser, again in the preferences that clears those cookies out so that they are not constantly tracking you from site to site. >> you say log out of facebook and google. it's not enough to just close out of it? >> yeah. no. when you log out of those accounts, now your specific identity is no longer tied to your surfing behavior so that they are not tracking you as an individual. >> all right. last you say use dispossibly email addresses meaning ones you throw away after a couple uses? >> yeah, exactly.
4:29 am
there are services now that let you have a dispossibly email address. you sign up for it you finish the transaction and it goes away. you are no longer tied specifically. you have not tied that identity to your shopping or surfing behavior. >> got it if you want to reread and recap all of these tips and i'm sure you will. you can go to or and we will take you through them step-by-step. john sileo, thanks so much for all the tips. >> you bet. have a safe holiday. >> you too. >> call it the wheel of misfortune. >> i would like to solve. >> yep? >> seven swans of a-swimmin'. >> seven swans a-swimming. >> do you know what happened there. >> no. >> that was terrible. military vet loses it all because she did not pronounce the letter g. it's almost time for christmas
4:30 am
dipper. john mcamore is back with some delicious recipes. you will definitely want to include on your menu. i will be the judge of that as soon as i eat that plate. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance.
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someone get me a latte will ya, please?
4:32 am
4:33 am
>> welcome back, it's 7:32 eastern time. clayton is playing with toys again. >> when they say toys on the set now you are speaking my language. >> i feel like this might be your personal collection. >> it is of the hess truck? i would go to the hess station with my dad and he would get me one of these. me and my friend would collect them and they are back with some of the new ones. >> this is a tradition going back to 1964. i did not know that but all sorts of varieties, the tanker, police car. the fire truck.
4:34 am
helicopter transport. >> clayton has a matching beanie that he wears on his head. >> there is a truck inside of this. >> that was brand new in 2012 that hess helicopter and rescue. >> these are great. i'm sure these are worth something now your old collection. >> >> that one will cost you 27 bucks. the first one was 1.29 back in 1964. inflation has affected the hess toys. >> my 5-year-old son would love a truck like that. he loves fire trucks. they just know the sweet spot 6-year-old boy. >> you can do your christmas shopping right here on our table. hess toy wow, it's already the 21st though. good luck. maybe they could still get them there by christmas. they better get some speedy shipping on the way. >> it's childproof. >> if anyone knows how to
4:35 am
figure this out. best toy truck did the come. >> while you play with those i will get to the headlines. let me tell you what is happening this hour. a murder suspect is on the loose in cleveland mistakenly freed from jail. drew dansby was arrested for the shooting death of his friend but after a court appearance an officer read his file incorrectly and released him. officials say there will be serious consequences for this mistake. if you see him, call your authorities. murder charges for three people accused of looing up a house in annapolis leaving one couple dead. take a look at this flames in this cell phone video. the november blast ended up destroying five homes and damaging 90 others. two neighbors were killed. police say these three let natural gas build up in the house and used a programmable microwave to detonate it the homeowner in the middle along with her boyfriend and boyfriend's brother were all arrested yesterday. officials say the blast caused $4.4 million in damage. a member of our armed forces
4:36 am
given the grinch treatment by the popular game show wheel of fortune. watch. this i would like to solve. >> yep? >> seven swans a-swimmin'. >> seven swans a-swimming. >> yeah, that's it. do you know what happened. >> there no. i thought she said that. >> renee knew what happened as well. s it with a easy to do did it in the vernacular and left off the g in seven swans a-swimmin'. >> she didn't pronounce the g. she did not win. she lost it all and the other woman who said swimming was awarded the prize puzzle. like a good sport, renee our veteran did not protest it. she nodded along to pat sejak's lame explanation. >> you remember on wheel of fortune a few years ago it was regis philbim and kathie lee. no one could pronounce philbin's last name. they just kept going through and looking up on youtube.
4:37 am
no one could pronounce philbin. >> if they are listening or thinkin' they will give her an equal prize glage he this be changein'. >> she was so friendly about it though. >> she is not from new jersey. can i tell you that much. [ laughter ] >> no camerota that is for sure. all right, guys. hey clayton, pay attention to this. take a look at what is happening in michigan sent in to me on facebook. i didn't know there was a volkin, -- vulcan, michigan. have you got to plow that driveway. 28 degrees. 20 right now. winds not that bad. 7 miles per hour. keep sending me your pictures rick reichmuth on twitter. that is beautiful. what a great picture. going to be a few more scenes like that around the great lakes today. lake-effect snow falling behind the storm. it will be noticeably cooler
4:38 am
than yesterday. also going to be breezy today. down towards the southeast a very cool morning across florida. another cool night tonight. in fact we have freeze warnings tonight again in effect across much of florida. especially northern florida. and in towards the northern plains it will be chilly but it will be sunny for the most part. weave will see plenty of sunshine today. out across the west this is where all the action is and parts of central and northern california and areas of oregon as well where we are seeing a lot of rain and snow. l.a. today only a cool 60. might see a few showers moving there by tomorrow. we will see more sunshine across parts of the four corners. next big storm pulls out from the west on tuesday. christmas day storm potentially brewing across parts of the plains. a day after christmas storm brewing. we will continue to watch. ali, we will send it inside to you. ♪ >> a few days away not too late to mix up menu and add southern flair.
4:39 am
the chef and author of the new book doggone that's that's good too. >> you guys like to eat as much as we do at the mcthat namore house. feed you donuts to kick it it off. we have a lot of food. before we get started this is yours. >> obviously i can't just be cooking without this on thank you very much. >> i understand you deep fried your turkey at home. >> did i. it was fantastic let's talk about christmas. chicken wings? >> it's football season. if you want to have a really good advertiser for the big games coming up whether it's college football. we're going to be watching all the games, especially leading up to the national championship game between notre dame and alabama, we're going to show you an easy way to enjoy this food and instead of having you do all the cooking, the friends, your family, your kids and mom and with the chicken wings, it's
4:40 am
real simple. this is one of the recipes you marinate them in a bag in the refrigerator for about four hours. >> okay. >> soy sauce. take the wings out. fry them for 12 to 15 minutes. >> soy sauce and what else? >> just straight soy sauce. take them out. we have got some black pepper and some garlic and some cayenne that you sprinkle right over the top of those. >> yep. >> so that it takes. it melts it into the wing while it's still piping hot. >> nice. and then you pop them in here. >> yes, ma'am. then you pop them in. the same but herbal turkey fryer that we have deep fried our thanksgiving and christmas turkey in. >> sure. >> we are turning it year around product to fry the wings. deep friday macaroni and cheese. >> let's talk about the deep fried macaroni and cheese. you are forming them into little balls. >> form them into balls just like this. what you do is you can take your left over or your homemade recipe, chill it, and then take them out and roll
4:41 am
them into a little golf ball size little balls. put them back in the refrigerator. chill them more, roll them in panco batter. deep fry them until they are golden brown. i will take one out right here. and are you eating this morning? >> well okay. >> of course you are. >> it's time for you to eat. >> taking a massive bite but why not. let's do it. we have chicken wings and we have some of these oh my gosh. cheesy. >> now you tell me, last time we smoked the mac and cheese. >> we eat with our fingers at home. >> you do. >> i do. okay. so it's got a little bit of a crunch. >> oh my god. >> >> heavenly. >> i will actually give you a free hand. you hold this. okay? that's a little appetizer. put your hand right through
4:42 am
there. there you go. >> very tricky. >> let's talk about doing some deserts. >> okay. let's do it. >> doughnuts, create a doughnut bar at your house by taking a regular can of business cuts. >> yep. >> cut them into quarters like i have done here. >> yeah. >> you deep fry those. alisyn. we will take a few of those out if i have got some tongues here. go in with my fingers. >> dispense with the plightness. >> now, again, canned business cuts, quartered them, fried them for about two minutes, then what do we do. >> then you take whatever it is. >> chocolate sauce. >> chocolate sauce. and we will take a little caramel sauce. >> very good. >> that's actually sweetened condensed milk right there. >> of course. >> add some m&m's to the top and then how about some coconut? >> sure. >> don't forget the whipped cream, please. >> whipped cream on top. a doe that the bar.
4:43 am
dave bigs two favorite things wrapped into one. >> i want to know if dave can eat the whole thing by himself. >> john stick around we have a lot more cooking and eating. >> glue ten free. >> find the recipes on >> master check us out. >> this table alone would kill me. >> ready? >> you do that for me. >> you are an expert. all right. coming up. national rifle association breaking its silence one week after the horrific school shooting in connecticut. proposing armed guards and teachers at every school in america. is that a good idea. we're going to debate that next. then a u.p.s. driver does last minute christmas shopping on a customer's front porch. we have got the video that got him in trouble. let's give thanks -
4:44 am
4:45 am
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4:47 am
keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. time for quick headlines, pennsylvania teacher at a high school gets arrested after passing out drunk during class. sounds like my old biology teacher much the teacher had a blood alcohol level of more than four times the legal limit. u.p.s. man busted for stealing a family's christmas gift after dropping off one package he appears to leave but then he returns a few minutes later and swipes another package from their front porch. the policemen why was not only fired he was also arrested. let's go over to clayton. >> thanks, alli. >> the national rifle association breaking its silence one week after the connecticut school shooting. the head of the offerings, coming out with a bold idea. listen. >> what if when adam lanza started shooting his way into
4:48 am
sandy hook elementary school last friday he had been confronted by qualified armed security? will you at least admit that it's possible that 26 little kids -- that 26 innocent lives might have been spared that day? >> but would putting armed guards at every school help keep kids safe or create more problems? we're joined by arthur aidala fox news legal analyst and former prosecutor and defense attorney. all right, guys. let's focus on this specific issue because we can get all hot headed and go off in many different directions. the specific of keeping armed guards in schools. is it practical, arthur? >> i don't think it's practical. especialry from a very fundamental financial basis. kids are struggling. schools are struggling to provide kids with textbooks. they are struggling to give teachers salary that keep good teachers in the school.
4:49 am
they are going to have -- he said a qualified arms person are they going to find navy seals? who could have stopped this guy? he was wearing body armor with three huge weapons on him. who could have stopped this guy. >> somebody with a gun. >> no. >> somebody would have a gun could have stopped this guy. >> special forces come out, interview with special forces gentleman from afghanistan said this is a ridiculous plan. to arthur's point this is a ridiculous plan because we train night and day to be able to shoot effectively. and this isn't a gun range. it's a crazy, yelling, screaming scenario with a lot of other people are going to get killed in thiessen narrows. we need someone qualified. where are we going to find them and is it practical? >> we have to hire people. some schools already have security guards that i'm sure aren't armed. why can't we train them how to use the gun? why can't we trains the principal. >> lightning is not going to strike twice i don't think we
4:50 am
can't fight fire without fire. we can't put a price tag on these little kid's lives. >> you are talking about training teachers and principals as opposed to training them how to teach better and trach them about new reading and math records we are going to teach them how to fire a glock? the principal is supposed to have a glock. >> somebody needs to know how to shoot a gun and have a gun. >> what about the financial side of this? you brought it up. let's talk about that. fifth thousand dollars arguably would have to go for this person's salary. 100,000 schools across the country. upwards of 5 to $6 billion. there is a large cost. >> can we put a price on it? do we have to do it in every school. >> the school that was targeted here. >> wouldn't have been on the grade i realize that. >> how about this? if you really want to do something that's possible, if you want -- i'm not advocating this. every classroom has a door on
4:51 am
it that is actually bullet proof and the lock is actually bullet proof. >> that's going to cost money too. >> it's a one-time expense. the door gets locked and doesn't get open. if a nut job gets in. starts firing enough time for first responders get there before any casualties occur. >> we have to leave it there obviously we could spend an extra two hours on this. >> thank you. >> email us as well. find us on twitter ff weekend. your thoughts. can you be fired for being too hot? this is a question we will tackle. it happened to one woman. now the courts have made a decision. we'll have that woman here alisyn. >> really? begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp.
4:52 am
it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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4:54 am
>> welcome back. they are a gawdy tradition.
4:55 am
ugly christmas sweaters. jing us now for a fashion show the author of rock your ugly christmas sweaters and the founder of my ugly christmas annemarie. >> thank you for having me. >> i love the ugly sweaters. what was the motivation of starting this company in 2010. >> a few years ago my kids were finishing up high school. getting ready to go to college. i was looking for something to sale during the christmas season to help pay for their college. i did research on trending i came up with the term ugly christmas sweatedders that was trending greatly i looked into it and that's what i started doing. >> 6 and a half million hits this year alone is the cottage industry. we are going to host a little fashion show this morning. some of your products. many on your web site are vintage. the ones we are going to see this morning are hand made. i'm going to play the role of mario lopez hosting this fashion show. tell us about diane. >> she is wearing a pillow bold switedder embellished with ornaments and lights.
4:56 am
this sweater is great for men and women. not really figure flattering contest winning. >> you know what it might be? if someone is pregnant it might hide a little something. $100. thank you, dubai. amanda is next with sweater that is about half the price of the previous one. tell us about this gem. >> this is our wacky santa sweaty. furry santa with google eyes. this sweater is trimmed upholstery. always good for christmas sweater. >> do you know what i call this. >> yucky saint nick. up next is heather who has a happy hanukkah sweater. tell us about this one. >> this happy hanukkah sweater is good for the office party or hanukkah dinner or any holiday party where you want to celebrate hanukkah along with the festive penguin. >> and that one is between 45 and $60. eileen up next, can we take a step back up to the $100
4:57 am
range. it's got to be because she has got multiple ornaments across the top. >> this is what i call a puffy frosty sweater. it's got lights, dangling ornaments glittery pompoms. it can be worn as a dress or worn as a sweater. >> you can give us just a little shake. >> of course she can. >> that's so nice. a little bit of jingle. it's even got lights. stacy, finally, with the most expensive of these sweaters because it's a three quarter length and, yeah, it cab a honk. >> stacy was one of my first customers when i started my business. she bought this sweater from me. i custom made it from her. mac i have macromet s. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes!
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5:01 am
the president leaves for his christmas vacation. >> i hope it gives everybody some perspective. everybody can cool off, everybody can drink some eggnog. >> gives me perspective. but if the president's plan does not work out, your taxes are about to go up big time. we'll tell you exactly how much, depending on your income that's coming right up. >> oh, goody. and a christmas miracle for this marine veteran and his family after being locked up in mexico for four months. john hammar is back on american soil. this morning we'll talk to the lawmaker who helped set him free. >> and it's official alisyn. your good looks can now cost you your job. >> uh-oh. >> one court just ruling that it's perfectly legal to fire someone simply for being irreiss irresistible. >> guilty as charged. >> "fox & friends" hour three starts right now.
5:02 am
hi this is victoria jackson, you are watching "fox & friends." merry christmas and happy holidays to all of our troops serving overseas. we love you. you are our heros. >> she has a lot of energy. victoria jackson has always had a lot of energy. that is one of her signatures. >> that's a good way to put it. >> it's great to wake up to. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> we have so much going on on the show this morning. if can you see behind the scenes here. john cooking up great christmas. >> dag gum great foods. coming up in 30 or 40 minutes or so i have got your best gadgets. guys, wait until the last possible minute to buy gifts for their wives and ladies in their life. coming up i will will show you some last minute ones you can go out and pick up this weekend right before christmas. >> high calorie and expensive show coming up before you. just in our newsroom of the president and family landing in honolulu, hawaii could the president's vacation come at a worse time.
5:03 am
we are just 10 days away from falling off the fiscal cliff. there is still no deal in sight. >> don't hold your breath, folks. peter doocy joins us live from washington, d.c. with the latest. peter, any deal anywhere in sight? >> not right this second, dave, good morning. before president obama took the first family to hawaii for vacation, he stopped by the brady briefing room at the white house and told reporters he had just spoken with speaker boehner and met with senate majority leader harry reid but that there was not a deal in place to avoid the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. the president also said he may be a hopeless optimist but he doesn't think it's too late to compromise. >> as we leave town for a few days to be with our families for the holidays, i hope it gives everybody some perspective. everybody can cool off. everybody can drink some eggnog, have some christmas
5:04 am
cookies, sing some christmas carols, enjoy the company of loved ones. and then i would ask every member of congress while they are back home to think about that think about the obligations we have to the people who sent us here. think about the hardship that so many americans will endure if congress does nothing at all. >> part of the president's remarks yesterday focused on the balance of power in washington and he said since voters in november picked him to run the white house, and democrats to run the senate and republicans to run the house, nobody is ever going to get 100% of what they want in legislation. cconnell, the the case, top republican in the senate thinks it's up to the president himself to propose that legislation. >> look, it's the president's job. it's his job to find a solution that can pass the congress. he is the only one who can do it. this isn't john boehner's problem to solve he has done
5:05 am
his part. he has bent over backwards. mr. president, has been rallying your party around a solution? how about getting democrats to support something? >> yesterday, a man working with the nonpartisan group catholics united dressed up as santa showed up on capitol hill with 120 pounds of coal to hand out to makers on naughty list. you apparently end up on that list if you have had anything to do withholding up an agreement on the fiscal cliff. back to you in new york. thank you, peter. and if congress can't make that deal, taxes for every single american all of you watching this morning will go go up on january 1st. here to tell us how much they will go up economic editorial writer for the "wall street journal" author of who is the fairest of them all. the truth about opportunity, taxes and wealth in america. stephen moore. stephan, you are the bearer of bad news this morning. how much are our taxes going
5:06 am
to get hit in just two weeks? >> well, good morning, guys. merry christmas. you though, this is an unbelievable situation because it's been, what, five or six weeks since the election. abc it's amazing that they are still as far apart today from getting a deal as they were when we first started talking about this. if we do go over the cliff. by the way i agree with peter. i still there is a slim chance at getting something done next week before new year's eve. but if we don't get that deal, we're talking about a very major tax increase. not just on people like warren buffet and bill gates but middle class folks. by my calculations if you look at all the taxes that are going up. if we go over the cliff you are talking about if you are a middle class family earning between 45 and $75,000 your tax bill will go up $2,500 a year. >> we have some of these statistics by category here on the screen. this is modern. from zero dollars to $20,000. you are still going to get hit. 400 bucks, stephan.
5:07 am
that's no small amount. >> no. just to intervene that's because the payroll tax. payroll tax reduction that also is scheduled to go up next year as well. even lower income people will get hit. no question about it make between 20,000 grocery bills, home heating expenses. you take another $1,000 out of their paycheck, that is a big deal. that is a real hardship. >> put these other ones up on the screen again. people can see other category at home and see numbers specifically. i want to jump to the bottom one there. this is the most contentious issue. 108,000 and above. you would be hit about $14,000. is that flat numbers if you go up to the millionaire area. >> for people making over a million dollars, you know, they're going to be paying, you know, as much as $100,000
5:08 am
more a year in tax. the thing that's frustrating about this is we are talking about the amount that people are going to pay in taxes. think about this from the perspective of being a business owner or a major investor. here we are 10 days from the start of the new year and nobody knows what the tax code is going to look like. this is sort of banana republic stuff. no nobody knows how to plan. this is the reason the economy at any time isn't doing better. how do you decide whether you are going to hire that additional worker or you know purchase that new piece of equipment if you don't know what the economy is going to look like and you don't know what stacks taxes are going to be paid. >> a lot of difference between the two sides. are we talking a difference of politics or economics? is it a difference in the money that the government would take in or really just about politics in terms of how far the two sides are apart? >> my view is i think this is politics at this point. they are not that far apart. now, look, you guys know me,
5:09 am
i'm a conservative. i don't want to see taxes go up on anyone. i do think if we raise these tax rates on capital gains on businesses i do think it will hurt the economy. my goodness we have got to get this thing resolved. the truth is they are not really that far apart. i will make a prediction to you this morning. i think before december 31st or maybe on december 31st they are going to get this deal done. the ramifications of not doing it are so drastic drawsk for our economy. >> if history is any indication they do wait for the 11th hour and somehow they do it. you heard it hear first. stephen moore will have you back on after new year's eve. >> alisyn, you are going to be intight on january 1st. you will have the story first. it might go to 11:00 p.m. on new year's eve before they get this done. >> probably. >> we'll have something to talk about on new year's. stephan, thanks. >> see you guys. merry christmas. >> speak of the holidays and travel and everyone trying to plan their flights and car trips. how is it looking out there. >> not that bad. thursday was a rough day
5:10 am
across the country. today is not that bad other than it's cool. down across the southeast. very cool morning and also a cool day in general across that area of florida. in behind that system cold air in place and seeing lake-effect snow that will continue on and off today. bigger story is the storm out across the west. we had a big storm yesterday. still seeing on shore flow. we have two more storms lined up behind. this that's going to continue for the next couple of days. temps are going to be quite cool all across the area. possible travel delays. yesterday big delays in san francisco. today we will see more of that. eventually it will mean maybe another 4 to 6 feet of snow across syria nevada. it helps the snow pack that we need long-term for water resources across california but it also means good news for the skier and the economy out there across the wis which last year was hit so hard with the dry season. very good news. guys, be prepared because a tuesday-wednesday storm coming outs of this across the plains and in towards the northeast.
5:11 am
we will talk more about that back to you. >> thanks so much. >> meanwhile, the rest of your headlines because today, three more victims of the sandy hook massacre will be laid to rest. emily parker, josephine gail and anna marquez green. this as the entire country paused for the moment of silence for 20 children and six adults killed there at the funeral of 6-year-old dillon hokily a special balloon tribute from his older brother. [bagpipes] meanwhile, investigators say it could take months to figure out exactly why the shooter went on the deadly rampage in the first place. and, sadly, another shooting to tell you about. this time in pennsylvania. that's where a man went on a shooting rampage in a rural town. suspect killed a woman as she was decorating a church for a christmas children's program. shot and killed two men. a father and son-in-law.
5:12 am
one of the victims was about to go christmas shopping with his wife. >> started shooting at the truck. got back down to where her husband was in the garage. and the guy came running down the driveway. he shot my cousin right in front of her. >> as the gunman tried to escape, he got into a shootout with police and was killed. three officers were injured in this shootout but are expected to be okay. police are trying to determine a motive for that shooting rampage. just three days after busting out of jail. one of two escaped chicago inmates was back in jail in front of a judge. he appeared in court faces five more years behind bars for breaking out. banks broke through the jail's wall tuesday and used a rope made of bed sheets to climb nearly 20 stories to the ground below. >> really? >> they are still doing that the fbi now focusing on capturing the other inmate. that's kenneth conley. both conley and banks were convicted bank robbers but in separate cases. well, clayton, listen up.
5:13 am
two sexy at the office? you better windchill out. your job could be at risk. >> you have a membership card? >> sir, i work here. >> really? >> what's going on? >> this lady doesn't have a membership card. >> i will take it from here, bro. >> i will take it from here, bro. iowa supreme court unanimously ruling that bosses can legally fire any employee they sees a an irresistible attraction. this comes after a dentist fired his assistant because he felt she was too attractive and threatened his fidelity to his wife. that's not possible. this is not possible. >> got your pink slip. you are out. too irresistible. >> guilty as charged. thank you. >> all right. up next, a christmas wish granted for that u.s. marine jailed in mexico. he is now back on u.s. soil. reunited with his family. one of the lawmakers who led the charge to set him free
5:14 am
joins us next. >> dave briggs -- i'm sorry. >> then most outrageous video you will see all day. a baby in a run away stroller headed for a busy street. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
>> welcome back, after spending four months in a mexican jail. happy ending for a marine veteran john hammar. overnight hammar crossing the mexican border into texas after a judge ruled to release him from prison earlier in the day. hammar was being held on charges that he possessed illegal antique gun and carried it across the border. >> our next guest helped hammar's case by putting pressure on the mexican government and u.s. authors of the. florida congressman joins us this morning. what a wonderful happy end to an otherwise horrible story. >> absolutely. you know, it is important to point out to the viewers that john had actually tried to register the firearm he wasn't sneaking it in. he asked our u.s. custom border patrol in brownsville before he entered mexico "can i take this? ?" they register it they filtd out all the papers. they gave him all the paperwork. he went into the border and
5:18 am
went into a police station to register the firearm and for his troubles he got arrested. since august he has been in this mexican jail. and thank goodness with a lot of bipartisan support in congress and the prayers of our community and nationwide, hard work and prayers paid off. and john is safely now in the united states. and they are mellowing him out. it's been a very harrowing experience. he suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome as you know. he served in iraq. he served in afghanistan. he went to a clinic for ptsd. was getting better. was going to go on a surfing trip for therapy. and for all his troubles. he ends up being shackled to his bed in a mexican jail. and you know, he did not get out until a little bit after 9:00 p.m. last night. it was an incredible ordeal. they told his parents wait, you need to sign here. oh, you forgot this page. oh the clerk doesn't come in
5:19 am
until half an hour. the parents were told at a quarter till three in the morning on friday that he was going to be released he wasn't released until 9:00 p.m. that night. >> all that paper work and now we know he is driving 22 hours across the country with dad to get back to mom. have you spoken to mom? >> she is very relieved. they want to chill out. they want to say thank you to the press and thank you to especially to fox. and thank you to everyone around the country who prayed and worked hard, especially all the marines came together to help them out but they would like a little time away from the cameras when john is better. they would like to make a public appearance to thank the community but they want this to be the best christmas ever. they are strong christian family. and they say that this christmas celebrating the birth of their savior jesus christ is going to be the most meaningful christmas they have ever had. >> i'm very happy for them and everybody helped. it wasn't just me.
5:20 am
i may have been leading the charge. but senator bill nelson and everybody. everybody was helping. >> not to mention bill o'reilly, the great bill o'reilly really championed this cause. what's the lesson? what's the take away from all of this to you, congresswoman? >> well, be careful. first of all, there is no place like this country that has some guarantees of freedom and rights. when you have got to a foreign country you have got to be very careful. here was john, a trained guy who wanted to do the right thing. he was registering his firearm. and he gets justed in jail what i tell people when they go to another country is you have to be very very very careful, even when you are doing the right thing you can end up getting in trouble. amen, it's a great feel good story. i'm just very happy for this wonderful family. they live in my district. so, constituent services is what i love to do. >> touche. >> ultimate constituent
5:21 am
services. congresswoman have a great christmas. >> merry christmas to all of you. thank you for your prayers. >> it claims to be based on a true story, but the death of usama bin laden. some lawmakers say don't believe what you see in that new movie zero dark 30. the cia complaining now. who is right? >> from high school sweethearts to all american military couple. meet the winners of operation tie the knot and hear their incredible love story. they are here.
5:22 am
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>> christmas came a few days early for our next couple who just won an online contest that will give them the wedding of their dreams. derek mcconnell and chris teen that dress ler have been together since 2006. a little more than a year ago something terrible happened. derek a u.s. army specialist suffered serious injuries while serving in afghanistan. two ied explosions left him in critical condition. and forced him to have both of his legs amputated. the couple stuck together and now thanks to a new jersey jeweler, the two are about to tie the knot. christina and derek join us now. welcome. >> how are you? >> we're great. great to see you guys. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> let's talk about what a long road this has been for you personally and you as a couple. we mentioned you were the victim of an ied attack. tell us about your injuries. >> july 2011. i lost my left leg completely the worst part was the inection ifs i spent seven months in the hospital battling those. >> you were seven months in
5:26 am
the hospital and as soon as you arrived back herance i understand it on u.s. soil you were 53 days in the intensive care unit. and christina, you were by his side. >> yeah. >> the entire time. >> yes. >> every day. that couldn't have been easy. >> no, but i mean when somebody you care about is that sick what do you do? you don't walk away. >> she dropped everything like quit school. left her job. she take care of me. >> you guys are young. it's incredible to have this experience and to have this level of dedication to each other at this age. have you been through a real trial. so, derek, what did you think last week when you heard that you had won this contest for your dream wedding? >> i guess the past 17 months have been all about me. i know it's our wedding but now it's time for the next chapter where she is in the focus. >> what's your dream wedding going to include? >> everything and anything. >> the sponsors told us it's going to be as good as their
5:27 am
son's wedding. >> oh my gosh. you are in good hands. speaking of hands. i'm having a hard time looking at you because i'm blinded by your ring. it's so beautiful. this is one of the things that you were able to maybe you can model this there for the camera. look at how beautiful. what a lovely vintage sort of fill agreed design there. it's so pretty. that was all because of operation tie the knot. you said you are more in love now than have you ever been. >> yeah. >> whawm i do that? >> it's like you know you care about somebody but when something like this or, you know, something really bad happens, you just see how much more you care about them than you did before. so, everything me and him have gone through and then some it's like at such a young age you just know you love them that much more. >> i have pictures of myself all hooked up to machines and she is wearing a mask holding my hand asleep. she has been through a lot. >> what an incredible woman she is and incredible guy you are. so tell us what are you nervous for your wedding?
5:28 am
>> i'm a little bit, you know. but i guess it's better than what i have been through. >> yeah. i can assure you. your wedding, while nerve wracking will be better than everything. you guys have turned the corner. you are on the upswing and you we wish you the best for your future happiness and life together you are only 21 and 323 years old. have you lived a lifetime all right. thanks for your personal story. good luck with the wedding we can't wait to see pictures. >> thanks so much for coming in. up next, videos that will take any parents' breath away. this is a baby in a run away stroller headed straight for a busy street. we'll tell you what happened. >> and heat up the fryer. we have got some more dag gum good recipes for your dinner. look at that stick around for breakfast you guys. [ female announcer ] food, meet flavor. flavor, meet food. it's time for swanson flavor boost.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
we all won? >> somebody had to win. there has to be a winner. >> dave is so upset because he always has to win any of the athletic competitions, rick. >> is he even competitive about a jib jab video. >> you clearly would not have survived in school nowadays. >> not allowed to. >> that was from chaz by the way or a documentary we went to central park a few days ago. that was what that video was. >> great film work. >> it hasn't snowed yet in the
5:33 am
city. >> details. >> will it ever? >> it will. in fact, you know what? there is a chance that new york city just a little strip maybe even towards boston a little snow christmas eve night into christmas morning. not a major snow but a little bit of snow that will put people in the mood. better chance for a bigger snow he though wednesday and thursday. a couple days after that take a look at that put up the graphics. show you this little storm. there is cold air that will be in place boy monday across the northern plains. move forward into tuesday. and that cold air that's represented in the blue dives down towards the south. that green that is precipitation. your snow nice as long as you don't need to get out on the roads. move forwards to wednesday that storm strengthens and pulls out ohio valley and northeast. the exact track of the storm still too early to say. at this point models are being a little more consistent and looking like we could be dealing with a significant snow again across the ohio valley and into the northeast
5:34 am
wednesday and thursday. here you go. here is today though. a little bit of lake-effect snow. much cooler kay and breezy day. but better than it's been the last couple of days. down towards the southeast we will see more sunshine but another cool one and tonight a very cold night again across parts of florida. enter the northern plains, cool air there as well today. the big storms are out across parts of the west. a bunch of people just showed up and they started gapping out here behind me. they are excited to see dave. >> yes, we can't wait to see dave. >> how much did you pay them? that never happens. >> i just made it up. it was for you today. >> oh, very sweet. >> that is so sweet. >> didn't actually happen? >> going away present. thanks. >> you bet. >> they were here to see o'reilly. didn't work out. my goodness. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening at this hour. pro-tennis referee returning to the courts after being cleared in the death of her husband.
5:35 am
lois goodman will return to judging matches in 2013. she was arrested in august as she prepared for the u.s. open and charged with killing her husband with a coffee mug. last month prosecutors announced they had new information and they dropped the case. wow. imagine driving down the street and seeing this. a young child rolling away in a shopping cart heading straight into traffic. a police officer in wisconsin happened to be driving by at the time and chased after it. he was able to rescue the little boy and wring him back home safely to his mother. amazingly, he walked away without any injuries. while christmas came early for one woman in oregon. take a look. her husband brian purcell surprising her at the airport. she thought she was picking up her aunt but then brian walked through the security gate instead. >> sprinting across the airport because flights were delayed. they were telling me i wasn't going to make it i was jumping over railings. there was nothing that was going to keep me from my wife today. nothing. >> that's so wonderful. he will spend christmas with
5:36 am
wife and 1-year-old daughter and head back to afghanistan in may. all right. let's go outside because clayton i believe is making us some breakfast. >> breakfast, morris. >> all right. it is breakfast time. and a good way to start off your christmas with some dad gum christmas cookies. nice to see you, john. >> it's great to be here. as always we will show you not only how to fry your foods, steam your foods and we will show you how to smoke your food. master built allows you to spend more time with your family and friends taking all the guesswork out of it with the smokehouse. >> you can see the smoke pouring out of the side of this is this the oink and gobble. >> in the dad gum cookbook. [moaning] >> did you hear the moans? >> [ laughter ] >> take your ham clayton and put it on the top rack and put your turkey below. that gives you the oink and
5:37 am
gobble. the ham is dripping down on to the turkey. gives you that great base, okay. next to it we have got some smoked mac and cheese. we have got some sweet potatoes. >> all the recipes from your cookbook the dad gum 2 cookbook are on "fox & friends" weekend as well. >> dad gum that's good 2 was the sequel. we had to come out with another one. while we were touring around, we did a story on every single page in the dad gum cookbook. govern huckabee has actually got a recipe. [coughing] >> stand back from the smoker. >> don't smoke at home. he has got a recipe in our cookbook so that's what it was all about is showing people how to smoke and fry and grill great recipes. if you want to go down the healthier path. a lot of people are talking about that, clayton. you can do that by smoking your food. it is the one of the healthest ways that you can enjoy great
5:38 am
food and be healthy. >> let me ask you about this contraption. you have wood chips here on the top. this is all new to me. governor huckabee has one of these. what do you do with the machine. >> take out the little contraption here. see this? and you add one small handful of wood chips. okay? you add it into the side here and you gave it a urine turn. it does all the work for you. master built wanted to making smoking easier. you don't have to worry about charcoal and propane. if you can use your oven. set the temperature. see this guess here? if you want to sit on your couch with a remote control. >> set your food. >> set the time, set the temperature. >> a man after my own heart. use controller with it you have got to he will us about the new show. you have the big new food show on cmt with a video. take ache loo and tell us what we can expect from this show. >> see this right here?
5:39 am
that is a full size abraham tank. my brother and i went to georgia and we served up a 32-foot cake. the whole premise of the show was to figure out how we could not only make the cake but the contraptions to build the product. the oven, we have been all about smoking, frying. we wanted to do a cake. the secret to that was how to deliver that tank cake a mile from the place that we built it to a graduation and you have got to stay tuned to see if we made it. >> check out the big food show on cmt. somethin' tells me that cake is not glue ten friendly for my co-host. >> it may not be. but the turkey that we are going to be frying inside. >> that is. >> all right. alli. we will save some of that for dave. [cheers] >> cheers for john. >> this is my whole family. everybody from georgia. loving it. >> alli i will bring you some
5:40 am
food. >> i hope so. find all those recipes on our web site by the way at >> the movie zero dark 30 claims to be based on the true story of usama bin laden's death. some are calling it a dangerous mix of fact or physician. then are you ready for genetically modified food at your neighborhood grocery store? some just got the government stamp of approval. we will tell you the crazy mash up between food they are making. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help
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fish reportedly grows twice as fast due to added growth hormones. it could land on your kitchen table next year. and it's official. ashton kutcher just filed for divorce finally from demi moore after being separated for more than a year. the actor citing irreconcilable differences. so sad. guys? listen up, men, you only have two shopping days left between now and christmas to buy all the women in your lives presents. wives, sisters, co-anchors, um-huh. but don't worry, our own gadget guru clayton the geek morris has last minute ideas for us. i'm sitting here because i'm speaking but i'm always getting a massage as we speak. >> alli is in one of the
5:45 am
gadgets. >> fantastic. >> enjoy your massage. >> i am. >> you like to drink. >> while being massaged. yes. >> i love this. this is from brook stone new arrow aerator. i saw this a few months ago at a tech conference you light it up. put it in your wine bottle and air united states your wine and shows you the light going through it insert it into a bottle. you release the wine's full flavor in just 30 seconds. you don't have to wait for an hour. >> that's beautiful. what's it doing? pouring bubbles into the wine. >> exactly guys want this too. get over here. >> give me some. >> so this is great. what it does is putting some air through the wine and as you know any bottle of red wine you open you need to at least have it open for an hour to get the full flavor. >> doesn't work with the boxed wine. sorry, alli. >> i use the straw to air united states it into my mouth. >> next up is the massager. we have from brook stone max 2
5:46 am
cordless massager. >> she is not comfortable enough, clayton. >> this is the max 2 cordless massager. most massagers have a cord, this one has no cord. >> you can please. >> it uses lithium eye on technology so the battery charges and lasts a really long time. you fire it up and can you give a great neck massage with no cords getting in the way. on the couch behind the couch. >> wow. that is good. >> there you go. >> alli is getting the full treatment. >> it's like a spa day at work. >> max 2 cordless from brook stone. go to the will mall and pick this up. >> i suggest it, gentlemen. >> wow. down. >> this is the gadget of the year, guys. this is the gadget of the year, guys, this is the ipad mini. ipad mini, of course, the most sought after president according to "consumer reports" thisser i don't. it doesn't get any better than the ipad mini. >> you love it. >> because of its size. portability. ultra light and ultra thin. look how light this is.
5:47 am
it's from apple. they still have a bunch left at the apple stores. i was over there the other day checking on them. just call ahead. >> it fits in a purse, right? >> fits in a purse and it's great it has all the apps. 250,000 apps. no other tablet computer has that many apps. nebraska up we already got a shot of this. this is the i home. if your mom or lady in the house doesn't want to have a desktop computer but just wants to use a tab blelt and have the full functionality of a desktop computer this is from i home. it's a desktop like device that pairs over blue tooth. you put your tablet in front of it. it also has a speaker phone built in. paired with blue tooth. full keyboard. when you want your tablet back. close your lid, take this down and take your tablet back. >> that's terrific. how much does that run you? >> that is -- depends, let me see, $159. and it has speakers built in the sides. you can actually listen to
5:48 am
your music as well. not just your speaker phone. >> if you need a little more speaker though you have got the solution. >> this is the first one on the market that now, because apple released their new lightning connectors. this is the first one on the market from jbl on beat. you slide it in there charges while you listen. so you can listen on your ipad mini or iphone a which has that new lightning connector. room filling sound. works with any ios device. it charges your device while you are listening to music. >> can we get to my favorite one over here. >> has this been on the whole time. >> it has. >> she has been getting massage. >> it's down here. this is the awesome osim you squeeze leg massager from brook stone. >> it heal has turned off. i have to turn it on again. >> reach don't if you don't mind powering it on for you. >> massage whatever you find. but, i experienced this before and it's great.
5:49 am
and it's a little bit like a vice grip and at first you are a little scared that you will never extra tri indicate yourself. then it takes over. i strongly suggest getting it for your wife. >> it actually pairs with your smart phone. download the free application and you can control the intensity of the massage on your smart phone. you download the free app. >> that way she really doesn't have to move at all. >> don't need to reach down and fudge around with controls which you can do. >> too labor intensive. >> that in one hand and glass of wine in the other that's alisyn's weekend. >> fantasy come true. >> you can go to the brook stone at the mall. go to the apple store at the mall. go to some of the other stores at the mall to pick up the jbl. it's all still available. what i would like to try is having the foot massage at the same time as the pack massage. you can do that? i want to see if it's as good as i'm imagining. go ahead.
5:50 am
>> you are going to post these wear, clayton. >> these are on if you missed any of these. >> he always tweets full link at clayton morris at twitter as well. guys, you still have a couple of shopping days left. i have my christmas presents. >> 'ow, that's a bone. that wasn't muscle. this is good. >> very nice. >> coming up. can i take a nap in the next segment. >> alli is going to stay here for the next hour and ten minutes. fights breaking out. one person shot over a pair of shoes. you have heard this before. too many times. why don't we hear about the government stepping in here and settling that. michelle malkin has a theory. she joins us top of the hour, guys. >> it's a military tradition at west point that's been around since the days of george washington. that can all explain. we will explain that tradition of what is going to it happen. >> i'm extremely relaxed. like a hot, delicious bowl
5:51 am
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5:54 am
>> welcome back, everybody, americans united for separation of church and state, wants to end prayers at west point military academy. the group claims they have been-- seeing some complaints about praying at official events. however, west point leaders say although praying is a tradition, it is also voluntary. executive vice-president of family research counseling, lieutenant general joins us now, he spent 36 years in the u.s. army. good to see you, sir. >> hey, it's good to be with you this morning. >> dave: here is a quote from this group. west point cadets should be able to train for service in our nation's military without having religion forced upon
5:55 am
them. academy officials must respect the religious liberty rights of all cadets who should be free to make their own decisions about prayer without government could ercion. >> what is your reaction to their complaint? >> they've attacked the military several times and an anti-christian organization. that has been their pattern. secondly, there is no coercion, but what mr. lynn is trying to do is attack the last bastion of traditional american values and many of those values came out of christianity and the whole idea of prayer within the military as a whole, but west point specifically, i think, is something that mr. lynn wants to destroy that tradition because of the influence of christianity in our military, as well as in our society.
5:56 am
>> dave: is religion ever forced on cadets at west point? >> absolutely not, nor anywhere else in the military. and if mr. lynn would spend the time to understand the first amendment and the -- how the first amendment was written, what it was intended to do, it was actually intended to protect religion from government interference. mr. lynn's understanding is obviously skewed and what he's trying to do is destroy the last vesttagages of christian influence and maintain those traditional values. >> dave: and general, you say if it succeeds it would have impact well beyond military procedures and ceremonies and such. where else would it impact public prayer? >> you know, the military has been the anchor of our society. when, you know, as america strays off in different directions, you can always
5:57 am
look back to see what we were, what america should be in terms of american values and what this will do is impact our society as a whole when we no longer have at least one entity within the american society that has maintained traditional values to include the values of the first amendment, or the right to worship freely. there is no coercion at west point and i think mr. lynn is, again, he's anti-christian, his organization is trying to destroy those traditions and the influence of christianity. >> dave: lieutenant general william boykin from the family council, thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. >> dave: fights breaking out over pairs of sneakers, why don't we hear about it. michelle malkin the top of the hour on that. [ engine revs ] ♪
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, december 22nd. i'm alisyn camerota, thanks for joining us.
6:01 am
with no deal on the fiscal cliff looming, the president says goodbye d.c. and hello to hawaii for the holidays. is it time to cool off or warm up and drink eggnog or is it crunch time? >> and one week after the connecticut shooting, the n.r.a. breaks its silence. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> dave: ceo of the n.r.a. saying all schools should have armed guards. what do you think about all of that have? is it a good idea? michelle malkin here live to weigh in on that, ahead. >> clayton: the story that everyone is going to talk about today. the wheel of misfortune, for one military veteran, watch this. >> and seven swans aswimming. [applause] >> yeah >> she lost it all because
6:02 am
she forgot the letter g on swimming and said swimin'. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. >> hi, we're the oak ridge boys. >> you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ >> if i had some pipes like that. >> clayton: what would you do? >> i would be a success. >> clayton: and have your own ring tone business. >> alisyn: do the rest of the show like that. >> dave: i will try, ali. >> clayton: thank you for waking up with us. we've got more fried foods in the studio. >> dave: and you may have heard t fryer. >> alisyn: let's get to the headlines. a breaking story, retired marine john hammer is back on american soil. this is brand new video of him arriving late last night, greeted by his father at the check point at the border.
6:03 am
hammer was released from that mexican prison being locked up since august for carrying an antique gun across the border. the family is thanking the lawmakers, marines and the press and to those throughout this country who championed our about fight for justice we've never been more proud to be americans, we'll spend this holiday bathed in gratitude to all of you. a final farewell of three victims of the sandy hook massacre. as the entire country paused for a moment of silence yesterday for the 20 children and six adults killed there. and at at the funeral of dylan, a special tribute from oyes older brother. investigators say it could take months to figure out exactly why the shooter went
6:04 am
on the deadly rampage into the first place. well, with the fiscal cliff still looming large, president obama and the first family headed to hawaii. this is the video of the first family landening a-- landing in honolulu. the president had this advice. >> as we leave town to head for the holidays, i hope it gives us perspective and every member of congress is thinking about that, no one can get 100% of what they want. >> alisyn: the president will return next week to continue hammering this out. those are your headlines. >> dave: and rick reichmuth can tell us it's 80 degrees and sunny in honolulu, no one wants to hear that. what is it like for a travel day. >> rick: people want a white christmas and then complain when there's snow. >> alisyn: what's your point? >> there's going to be more
6:05 am
snow on christmas day. check that out. oklahoma, one of the typical places you might be thinking about getting snow on christmas day and looks like that's very possibly going to happen and eventually a storm for us across parts of the ohio valley and the northeast. in the meantime, to get there, lake effect snow showers and temps cool, with the winds maybe 30 miles per hour could cause delays in the airports, not a horrible travel day, but there could be a few delays. the rest of the country looking fine until you go all the way out towards the west coast and that's where you're going to continue to see more windy conditions as well and pretty significant delays today in san francisco, and that doesn't cause backup delays across the rest of the country, that's good news. we'll see a little break in the activity overnight tonight and then the next batch of moisture moves in tomorrow and so we'll see the activity increase with more rain and more snow. the same for the western seaboa seaboard.
6:06 am
temperature-wise not looking bad except for it's cool across the south. >> dave: thank you, sir. now let's bring in michelle malkin, the big issue on friday, the n.r.a. press conference with the ceo talking about every school having an armed guard. good morning to you, michelle? what did you think? there was not exactly a tremendous amount of support for what wayne laperriere said on friday, was this in colorado where you are? >> there were a lot of support for many of the ideas that the n.r.a. put forward, but they've faced what i call the post-newtown witch hunt the last week. it's unfortunate. this should be a time of sober reflection and an inclusive time for every american, with a diverse viewpoint, to be a participant in the national conversation about gun violence, about the culture, and somehow so many people,
6:07 am
particularly in the crazed anti-gun liberal media, have demonized the n.r.a. and its millions of law abiding, peaceful gun owners who are practicing their constitutionally protected second amendment rights. self-defense, as so many people out there know, is oft often, and they put forth some good ideas, good ideas that have been embraced across the country in school districts in oklahoma, in texas. there are many, many, many armed teachers in this country and they deserve a voice, too. >> clayton: absolutely. you talk about a reasoned discussion though, that's what many conservatives thought was missing from this press conference and you mentioned the liberal media, but the new york post in the front page called him a loon, the n.r.a. loon in a bizarre rant over newtown and they felt what was missing-- i heard some conservatives
6:08 am
call it tone deaf, the press conference, because it didn't address assault rifles and anything else other than attacks on the media, seemed to be his focus. >> yeah, well, let me say this: unfortunately the second amendment groups, lobbyists, activists are damned if they do speak up and damned if they don't because for a week you had a lot of hypocritical attacks and a lot of these zealots who criticize them for maintaining what i thought was a very respectful silence in the immediate aftermath of the massacre. and then when they do come forth with some very practical ideas, ideas that have worked, and as i say, ideas that school districts across the country have embraced, they're ridiculed for it. why aren't these same people-- why aren't these same people ridiculing barbara boxer, for example, who has proposed using the national guard to
6:09 am
try and make schools more secure? then there's the added hipocracy of many of these celebrities who go after the n.r.a., who themselves benefit from armed guards. there's an attitude of armed guards for me, but not for thee. >> alisyn: sure, hollywood-- to your point, michelle, all of this needs to be talked about and it would be nice to have a rational, national discussion although it's hard when people feel so strongly about it. he raised many good points, why does it say gun free zone in front of a school it could serve as an advertisement for somebody with a gun, guess what? we don't have anything to combat you. and people were talking about the tone, more conciliatory and people were arguing his tone was a line in the sand. >> it's a difficult position
6:10 am
to be in. they're under fire by left wing media and now they're underfire by out lets perceived as conservative. and i think there's this impulse to throw many of my allies on the right under the the bus when we're in a panic, which is why i always recommend, after these awful, awful events, that sometimes sobriety and silence is the best course of action. we've all been so completely overwelcomed, you know, we have to put on our pundit hats and i talked about this earlier this week and it's the worst part-- i hate this part of the job where people feel like they've got to fill the airwaves and score political points and my god, this community is still going to have to be holding funeral after funeral after funeral, while the the rest of the country is celebrating christmas. and really, instead of a national conversation, sometimes i really think we
6:11 am
just need to have a national pause and have people just get their heads straight around it before they speak and certainly before they act irrationally. >> and speaking of violence, there was violence this week, regarding, of all things, shoes. air jordans. someone was shot and then later crashed a car all over sneakers. is there some government solution when it comes to what's happening over these ridiculous new sneakers and the violence that ensues? >> yeah, well we snarked at twitchie a couple of days ago and saw the social media on the air jordan line released this week, maybe we need sneaker control in this country. we were half smoking, but of course now with many of these outbreaks happening, people lined up, the outrage, the blood pressure rising, all over a stupid pair of sneakers, especially coming a
6:12 am
week after newtown, it really does make you question where people's values are in this country. and i think this was the -- a theme that you heard a little bit from wayne laperriere, too, and that doesn't get a lot of play and there have been a lot of commenttators on our airwaves that pointed out that it's a culture thing, it's not the gun, it's not the specific pair of shoes, it's why don't we value and respect life anymore for god's sakes. >> clayton: and one of the things he also brought up, the almost of legislation. 20,000 gun law and you want to add another sneaker law to this mix as well? and what does that end up doing? >> it's this frenzy, impulse, knee jerk need to regulate, agitate and legislate, instead of looking inward and asking where is people's restraint? where is people's focus on things that really matter to us. >> clayton: it's a reflective holiday time and thinking about christmas and the family things and a moment of
6:13 am
national pause might be what everyone-- we all should at christmas time. michelle, thank you for being with us, thanks, michelle. >> to you, too, take care. >> senators on capitol hill say they don't believe the story portrayed in the new movie "zero dark 30" and why they say this so-called true story is filled with fiction and how that could be dangerous next. >> clayton: an ups got a christmas present on a customer's front porch, oh, there's an ipad mini, i'm going to take that home for my wife. >> dave: that's where clayton shops. [ male announcer ] families grow up
6:14 am
but some things never get old... marie callender's dutch apple pie with fresh fuji apples and a crust made from scratch... it makes home at the holidays even sweeter. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
6:15 am
6:16 am
>> it's the much anticipated movie about the capture and killing of osama bin laden. >> clayton: you really believe this story? >> osama bin laden, yeah. >> what part convinced you? >> her confidence. >> dave: well, that film "zero dark thirty" called a dangerous mix of fact and fiction by a partisan group of lawmakers and they claim the interrogation techniques stretched the truth and joining us now former navy seal, scott taylor, always good to see you, sir. >> you as well. good morning and merry christmas. >> dave:. and let's start with dianne feinstein and the letter,
6:17 am
they're saying enhanced interrogation techniques did not lead to the capture of usama bin laden? do they stretch the truth. i haven't seen the film and let's face it it's not a documentary, it's a movie. unfortunately, with all due respect to the senators, i think they're probably a too little too late that the film is about to be released, they're not going to change anything, they probably should have been more when the makers given high level access and the administration working closely with them. a too little too late. >> dave: you brought up a good point. the obama administration worked closely with producers, so if there were inaccuracies taken by the hollywood studios and katherine bigelow and company, isn't it based on actual conversations with government officials? >> well, that's what -- the perception would be, because they were working very closely with them and what's interesting, you bring up a
6:18 am
good point, where is the administration? i mean, they obviously vigorously came out against that anti-islam obscure film in september and you don't hear anything from them now. so if there are inaccuracies and could possibly cause problems with our national security overseas, where is the administration coming out and condemning this. again, it's hard to fault the hollywood produce eif they're going to get high level access of course they're going to take it. we have to understand it's fiction, it's not a documentary, it's a movie. >> dave: and here is the statement from katherine bigelow and company, we depicted controversial practices and intelligence he methods used in the name of finding bin laden, no single message was responsible for solving the manhunt or taken in isolation fairly captured the totality of effort the film dramatizes. the cia, we mentioned this briefly, but the acting director of the cia, michael morelle is also complaining saying it quote, he departs from reality. should the government be
6:19 am
working at all, in your opinion, with hollywood studios and helping them tell stories? this goes all the way back to top gun and maybe before that. is it a practice that should end in your opinion? >> no, i don't think it should necessarily end. i mean, again, you know, this film was originally set to come out before the election and we had documentation showing they were eager to work with them and make well, look very good, but i don't think it should end. you can work with the government without exposing national secrets and this highly classified after mission, the senators with all due respect would have been a lot better served dealing with it back then when they were getting unprecedented access and better served now to get to the bottom of benghazi and find out unanswered questions there and that's where their energy should probably be directed at now. >> dave: got to degree with you. scott taylor, great to have
6:20 am
you. >> thank you. >> dave: and wheel of fortune more like a wheel of misfortune for one military vet. >> i'd like to solve. >> yes. >> seven swans aswimin'. >> yeah, that's-- yeah. >> dave: she lost it all over a letter g. and the surprise, our next fest, victims of hurricane sandy lost everything, but their dreams are about to come true. that story ahead. ♪ hold your head up ♪ ♪ hold your head up ♪ ♪ hold your head high ♪ ♪
6:21 am
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6:24 am
>> our next guest, staten island home was badly damaged by superstorm sandy and almost all of their beloved pet fish did not survive. and ten-year-old giana, decide today take the matters into her own hand and wrote the show he "tanked" when my house good flooded my dad tried to save the fish with the generator. the generator floated away so many of dad's fish died. and we're giend by the coppolas. guys to have you. tell us about what happened to your house and beloved fish. >> the house got destroyed, what came water came through and fish tank was on the second floor and between the heat, so, you know, filters and protein skimmers and
6:25 am
lighting, i hooked up the generator to try to keep them alive. >> alisyn: it didn't work of course and tell me what it was like, that, now, the fish were so important to your family, they didn't survive? >> i was at work and they told me and my dad said you could stay, and i was like, you want to stay just for fish? and he was trying to save them and he did get far, but it was a-- >> i like that you as a teenager understand priorities possibly differently than your father and mother do. right. but gianna. you were sad about the fate of the fish and tell me what you said in your letter to the tv show "tanked? >> well, i said i would like them to make a fish tank for my dad, that he loved his fish very much. and that he would appreciate it if he got a tank like the tv show. >> alisyn: a nice request.
6:26 am
>> vanessa how much does your dad love the fish? >> very much. >> alisyn: and how do you feel about the fish. >> sad because he really loves it very much. >> alisyn: oh, so sweet. well, listen the guy at "tanked" did get your letter by the way gianna. and i want to bring you bret and wade. they're outside. >> hey, guys. >> alisyn: what did you think when you got the letter? >> we were so moved. >> heart broken. >> and we felt so bad, from the east coast and we know what you went through and the damage and we just, we've got so many letters, but we were just so happy that your daughter, the way you guys move your fish, touched our hearts. >> it hit home. >> alisyn: today, what do you have for the cop pola family? >> we we were touched by your daughter and everything you've been through, a brand new 180 gallon flat back hex aquarium,
6:27 am
fully filtration in the back and this is your present from us, atm and the television show "tanked" to you and your family. >> alisyn: you should see their faces in here, guys. that's the mack daddy of fish tanks. what do you think? >> i'm pleased, it's beautiful! i'm so shocked. i can't believe this is happening. thank you so much. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> no problem. it's our pleasure and we're glad we could make your holidays make it a little better for you. >> oh, thank you. >> alisyn: chris, what kind of fish are you going to put in that tank? >> salt water, a lot. >> alisyn: gianna, how do you feel that your letter got their attention? >> excited because now dad is very happy and i appreciate it. >> alisyn: christina, is there room in your house for this kind of fish tank? >> yes, actually, the whole wall space (laughter) >> that's great. vanessa, what do you think? and have some of your own fish
6:28 am
in there? >> no. (laughter) >> and the girls seem to understand this really is your-- >> yeah. >> alisyn: yours-- >> we have our own tanks, this big. >> alisyn: oh and i'm sure you'll graduate to your dad's level, but it's great to have you guys and share your letter with us. >> thank you so much, we can't thank you enough. >> alisyn: our pleasure, thanks so much for coming in, have a merry christmas, you guys. >> thank you. >> alisyn: meanwhile, the picture that's taken the internet by storm. veterinarians rushed to save the cat when he came face-to-face with a cactus, yikes! it's almost time to eat breakfast, john is back with delicious food that would be great for your family christmas eve. ♪ i love rock and roll, put another dime in the jukebox baby ♪ ♪ i love rock and roll, dance with me ♪
6:29 am
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6:32 am
>> that's the coppola family outsidement hi, guys, they've gotten a great surprise from the guys on the show "tanked" on animal planet and they've lost their tank from hurricane sandy and the guys surprised them on the hair. and the fish tank in the and mant department. >> clayton: i thought there would be a boa constrictor in there for a segment i didn't know about. >> alisyn: that's beautiful. the coppola family is so happy. >> clayton: take a moment the last time that the three of us, four of us really, include rick, he's floating around here are going to be on the couch together. because our own dave briggs is leaving "fox & friends." >> dave: i didn't expect to
6:33 am
you say that. i will be moving on and i will miss the two of you more than i can speak. you've made me better and you've made this show better. you've been my work family and. >> clayton: like losing a-- having a brother leave, you know, the family and move on. it's going to be-- >> we will miss you so much. >> dave: it's been the best show, best job of my life and i will never have a job i enjoy more no matter where i go. but you will see me. i'm the not going away, just going somewhere else, for the new year, but it's been a wonderful experience. >> clayton: ali will be off, a a and. >> dave: you and i will be back. >> alisyn: dave will be here until the end of the year. dave, it's been a wonderful experience to work with you and i've learned so much with you, and at the end of the show, we have a couple of little tokens of gratitude, so i hope everybody will stick around. >> dave: i have my christmas gifts for you, but thanks to
6:34 am
roger ailes and bill shine and suzanne scott and people who brought me here and i love you guys. and rick, rick has bb my confidante and office mate and you guys are my family and i've never had a work family and damn, i'm going to miss it it. >> rick: we're going to miss you, dave. but the good part you're not moving anywhere, so-- >> and rick gets his own office. rick is actually the not that upset. he gets his own office and decorate. >> he's been expanding for a week now. >> rick: i got a nasty e-mail from dave saying hold off for a week until you expand. >> clayton: i get to cry all over again and get to anchor with you toward the end of the month here, so i'll cry all over again these are partial tears right now. >> rick: this is ali's and my last day with you, dave, we'll miss you. >> dave: thank you, man, i'll miss you guys, too. >> clayton: a few more minutes in this hour, man.
6:35 am
hang in there. we've got fried food for you. >> alisyn: there you go, that's your -- meanwhile, i have the headlines for the rest of you. and a fox news alert because the police say that eight people have been killed in a bombing in pakistan, deadly attack happened during a political rally in rush hour and no word on the ages or identities of the victims, no one has claimed responsibility yet for this attack, we will keep you posted. an american doctor rescued in afghanistan is paying tribute to the navy seal who died saving him. dr. joseph was kidnapped by the taliban earlier this month and he was rescued by seal team six and first petty officer was killed during this mission and now, back in the u.s., joseph posted a t online saying quote, my heart goes out to the family of the fallen hero's family, courage and commitment. he will remain a legacy for me and my family for years to come.
6:36 am
an ups man busted on camera taking a family's christmas gift. the ups man drops off a package, appears to leave and then, a few minutes later returns and he grabs a package left early by fed ex with an ipad mini inside and thank you clayton for the demo. and the family tracked the package online and when it did not arrive, they checked the video and the employee was fired and arrested for theft and ups replaced the ipad. curiosity almost killed the cat. this guy got in a fight with a cactus. broke three and stuck in a fence. >> clayton: bad day. >> alisyn: luckily, the humane society workers found him and two took hours to remove the needles and dave nicknamed him prickly pete. and he's satisfied to be doing just fine. >> clayton: my college nickname. >> alisyn: we'll start calling you that.
6:37 am
and now-- >> your shot of the morning. >> alisyn: another one. >> clayton: we have two for you this hour. check this out. one of our members of the armed forces given the scrooge treatment by the popular game show "wheel of fortune", watch this. >> i'll solve. seven swans a-swimin'. >> yeah, that's-- seven swans a-swimming. >> do you know what happened there. renee knew what happened. ease toy do you do it in the vernacular, left off the g on seven swans s-swimming. >> what happened the contestant told she incorrectly guessed the puzzle. seven swans a-swimming. she left off the g and said swimin'. and when the next contestant said it, renee just nodded along to pat sajak's explanation. >> alisyn: she's clearly the
6:38 am
not a jersey girl. and those are your headlines. >> rick: let's get her out here to do the weather with me. a consolation prize. >> alisyn: booby prize. >> rick: got it. take a look the at the maps, very cold across alaska this morning. minus 42 in fairbanks, it's been a very cold weather across alaska, that cold air is eventually to the connell nent 48 and in fact, january-- continental 48 and in fact, january, with wednesday and thursday, a snowstorm in the east. and meanwhile, take a look at the snow from this last storm, we had about 18 inches of snow across parts of michigan, this from vulcan, michigan, maureen sent this, that's her guy and that's an amazing guy looking like that. 17 degrees clear skies and up to 29 degrees, keep sending me your pictures. either on twitter or facebook, rick reichmuth on twitter.
6:39 am
and the wind moving across the lakes which are warmer than the air mass that the air is moving over and down towards the south we'll see plenty of sunshine and sunshine into the northern plains as well and across the west where we have the snow across parts of the sierra nevadas and the rain and lower elevation in northern california. dave, send it to you inside. . >> dave: thank you, rick. for christmas dinner why not stray from the traditional. bring something new and delicious. don mcelmore. d dadgum, that's good, too. would you say seven swans a-sw a-swimin'? >> down south we have so much slang in what we say. >> dave: that's why i have a problem with the decision. >> i think they should give her not only all of those prizes, but a butterball
6:40 am
turkey fryer just because-- >> you just did. >> call me, i'll give you the prize. >> dave: in the meantime, let's cook something up. how about some honey-glazed deep fry? we deep fried a butterball last time and this is a seven pound bone-in breast, we're going to cook that. now, that delectable, let me gi you a shot of that. >> dave: oh. >> that's seven pounds turkey breast that looks this good and we'll take it up a dadgum notch. on the stove take some butter, pecans and you put a little glaze, my friend. can you see that. >> dave: that's unreal. >> that goes over the turkey breast and that's in the first cookbook. and we can get those to come out there. that is a honey pecan roasted
6:41 am
deep-fried turkey breast. >> dave: oh, all right. you're going to slice that up in a minute. because that's not cool if you're just teasing. >> i'll slice that up for you, so you can go down different paths and put my gloves off and put them right back on. people want to know how they can eat healthy, right? well, in the turkey fryer that we have, we're going to take you down the healthy path. if you want to friday foods, great. steam or boil the same turkey fryer allows you to do steamed crab legs and the mcelmore house this is one of my favorites, this is a grab and go. we boil the potatoes, sausage, shrimp in there, and all this have is a great compliment to the deep fried turkey or whatever your christmas meal is going to be, again, in the same turkey fryer. >> dave: and john, i want to mention, you don't just get him on "fox & friends," cmf.
6:42 am
>> january 16 premier big food where we'll show you how to deliver something never been done before. a cake that will feed 125,000 people and if we can move it, to graduation, there's where you're going to have to stay tuned and watch. >> dave: dadgum unbelievable. it's john mclemores. >> coming up on the show, president obama this morning calling for stricter gun control and some of his biggest hollywood donors making the violent movies some say are to blame for the scoot shootings. is this a conflict of interest? >> first let's check with neil cavuto, what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block. >> good morning, signs of desperation, forget whether we hit the fiscal cliff. and the wall. uncle sam has gone viral, an internet channel how to cash in on government benefits, not
6:43 am
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6:46 am
>> in the aftermath of last week's tragic school shooting. many have blamed the powerful gun lobby, n.r.a. for america's culture. whatever you may any of the n.r.a., there's a lobby in washington that may bear some responsibility for the culture of gun violence. >> dave: we're talking about hollywood. creators of the some of the most violent movies on the big screen and also some of the biggest political donors out there. joining us with more, the founder of the daily caller. >> good morning. >> dave: tucker carlson. and with calling for gun control and yet it's
6:47 am
impossible to turn away from. >> it's impossible to ignore. we know how this tragedy happened, but still don't know why it happens. the question is does it affect children watching violent movies, playing violent video games, if they're spending hours a week pretending kill people on the screen or watching people be killed does it desensitize you to violence and encourage you to commit violence yourself? we don't know. over 60% of r-rated films are r-rated because of violence and there's an awful lot of it out there and you think it would be the beginning of a profound national conversation about the effects of this kind of entertainment on children, on developing young adults and part of the reason it's not is because as you suggested, while is one of the biggest donors to the hollywood party. >> i want you to look at some of those in a second. obviously, tucker, kids aren't allowed to go to r movies. >> that's right. >> alisyn: we've tried to stave off access to some of the most bloody, violent movies like quentin tarantino's movies, they're
6:48 am
not supposed to be going into the theater and do you think that people like quentin tarantino should be doing more, not be making violent movies? >> kids don't commit mass shooting, young adults do, typically and young adults do watch violent movies and the overwhelming majority of r-rated movies are r-rated because they're violent. and we don't know if there's a cause and effect between violent action, and common sense suggests there might be, i mean, certainly. this is something that hollywood should be taking a close look at. there ought to be soul selfing in the words of the left some corporate responsibility here and you do not hear members of congress on the democratic side suggest this because they're taking hundreds of millions of dollars from hollywood. >> dave: for example, in 2010 entertainment industry donated 6 million dollar to the obama campaign, by comparison over a million to the romney campaign and 9 million to obama's
6:49 am
superpac. >> right, look, that's absolutely right. to put it in perspective, that's multiples of the amount of gun manufacturers, getting a lot of unwelcome press, have contributed to republicans. this is one of the biggest single sectors in donations to the democratic party. this is a pillar of democratic party fund raising, the entertainment business, in fact, number one donation to obama's super pac in the last cycle. maybe it's not surprising that the president has essentially ignored the potential effect of hollywood on our attitudes about violence, but it seems to me, any person who is looking at this honestly will reach a conclusion, yeah, we should figure out is there a connection? >> a good thing we're talking about all of these topics today. turker carlson, talk to you soon. >> thanks. >> dave: when we come back, the girl scouts are here with very special songs for christmas. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry
6:50 am
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>> all right. welcome back to "fox & friends." we do this every year, it's a nice little touch. part of being a girl scout is trying to make the world a better place and the members of the girl scouts of nassau county chorus do that with their voices and they're here to bring a christmas cheer. >> dave: they're joined first by their director, katherine azara. katherine is here, she's all set to conduct. and looking at most of the ladies and see who might be-- >> it's cold out here, does it affect your voice. are you ready. >> yes. >> clayton: can i get ame-me,
6:54 am
men me? . that's how i brack in the morning. >> dave: clayton will not sing. we'll get out of the way and watch them, listen to the wonderful sound of "winter wonderland". >> clayton: merry christmas. >> dave: thanks for coming girls. ♪ sleigh bells ring are you listening ♪ ♪ in the lane snow is glistening ♪ ♪ a beautiful sight we're happy tonight ♪ ♪ walking in a winter wonderland ♪ ♪ gone away is the blue bird ♪ ♪ here to stay is the new bird ♪ ♪ he sings a love song ago we go along ♪ ♪ walking in a winter wonderland ♪ ♪ in the meadow we can build a snowman ♪ ♪ and pretend that he is parson brown ♪ ♪ he'll say are you married,
6:55 am
we'll say no man ♪ ♪ but you can do the job while we're in town ♪ ♪ later on we'll conspire as we dream by the fire ♪ ♪ to face unafraid the plans that we made ♪ ♪ walking in a winter wonderland ♪ ♪ in the meadow we can build a snowman ♪ ♪ and pretend that he's a rcus clown ♪ ♪ we'll have lots of fun with mr. snowman ♪ ♪ and until the other kiddies knock him down ♪ ♪ when it snows ain't it thrilling ♪ ♪ till your nose gets a-chillin' ♪ ♪ we'll frolic and play the eskimo way ♪ ♪ walking in a winter wonderland ♪ ♪ walkin' in a winter wonderland ♪ ♪ walkin' in a winter
6:56 am
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>> welcome back, everyone, our hearts are heavy at the end of the show because it's the last time the three of us will be together on the curvy couch. our own dave briggs is moving on to -- he's moving up in the world and we are terribly sad to see him go. >> clayton: he's replacing bill o'reilly. >> dave: sorry, bill. >> baloney. (laughter) >> it's awful. >> it's awful, but we have parting gifts for you. >> clayton: people say to us the reason we watch because of the chemistry of the three of us and you can never change that, it's incredibly rare in television to have this kind of relationship where we all like each other, and we all genuinely care about each other and hang out outside the show. >> dave: it's not fake, i really do love you guys and-- >> dave's a big softy and we love that about him, too. >> oh.

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